The first time I met Matt we were at a Underground Strength certification at Zach Even-Esh’s gym in Edison, NJ.

That was the first time I had ever seen anyone snatch a 150 lbs dumbbell.mattyw

I specifically remember Matty walking up to Zach’s 150 lbs Globe DB and without even thinking twice about it grabbing it and snatching it up over his head like it was nothing.

This dude is seriously STRONG and besides walking the walk, Matt is also an excellent coach.

I’d say one of the BEST around.

In fact, he’s the head strength and conditioning coach for The WWE Performance Center in Orlando FL.

That’s BIG TIME stuff right there.

Either way, I caught up with Matt to talk about his experiences with the WWE plus more.

You’ll find out how Matt trains some of the up-and-coming WWE superstars and how he trains himself.

You’ll hear it all on the latest episode of 110 HAM Radio.

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Question: If YOU were a WWE wrestler, what would your name be AND would you be a hero or villain???

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