Full Body Kettlebell Training Session

I got a full body kettlebell training session for you to hit. The design of this overall workout is primary on metabolic conditioning. Not a ton of focused strength work,


I just want to send out some big props to my man Chris! https://youtu.be/WxTO72z8PGU Before Chris joined up with Forged FATHER, it wasn't like he was sitting around doing nothing. He wasn't laying

MJ’s SECRET Weapon…

So I wanted to share my thoughts from the final episode of “The Last Dance”. Within this episode, I wanted to address MJ’s ‘SECRET Weapon”. I do so within the newest episode

Single Arm Dumbbell Flow

Here's an awesome Single-Arm Dumbbell Flow for you to try... https://youtu.be/MhRx8BLQN4Q Just with a Single Dumbbell. 3 Deadlifts 3 High Pull 3 Power Snatch 3 Arnold Press 3 Front Rack Squat

Dumbbell HANGMAN Complex

Grab a single dumbbell and get ready to GRIP N RIP and test yourself with a quick complex set up. https://youtu.be/QpIm0f1jAUk It’s simple, not easy… EMOM x 20 Mins Odd Min - 1 Round

DAD Obligations

I got chills (again) while watching the latest episode of "The Last Dance".⠀It was the part when Tim Grover, Jordan's personal trainer, was talking about what Michael had said to

Lunge Complex From HELL

https://youtu.be/-zUIadPYC2s If you’re stuck in quarantine and don’t have a lot of ‘heavy’ stuff to lift for legs, this will suit fine for the time being. Give it a go but be

You Don’t “Have To” Do Anything…

Here's a simple little mentality trick for you. Not sure where I first heard this, but when I did, it created a MASSIVE MINDSET SHIFT in how I started to think