So over the past few weeks, I relaunched one of my coaching programs for ex-athlete dads called "DATHLETE Bootcamp." I received a ton of replies from "interested" dads who wanted to

Hill Sprints In The 100 Degree Heat

Hill Sprints In 100 Degree Heat 😳 🔥 Whenever it gets really hot out, it always makes me think back to when I'd go run hill sprints during the summer.   It

The 5/15/80 FOCUS RULE

Are you FOCUSING too much on the WRONG stuff? I know I did for a very LONG time. Years back I let negative self-talk run the show. It can destroy you. Stop and ask

EARN Your Comfort Through DISCOMFORT

This past Friday was day #1 of our “Summer Games” 5-week competition we’re having inside the Forged Father.  We took on the “Bodyweight Gauntlet”, which is a classic benchmark test I

Full Body Kettlebell Training Session

I got a full body kettlebell training session for you to hit. The design of this overall workout is primary on metabolic conditioning. Not a ton of focused strength work,


I just want to send out some big props to my man Chris! Before Chris joined up with Forged FATHER, it wasn't like he was sitting around doing nothing. He wasn't laying

MJ’s SECRET Weapon…

So I wanted to share my thoughts from the final episode of “The Last Dance”. Within this episode, I wanted to address MJ’s ‘SECRET Weapon”. I do so within the newest episode

Single Arm Dumbbell Flow

Here's an awesome Single-Arm Dumbbell Flow for you to try... Just with a Single Dumbbell. 3 Deadlifts 3 High Pull 3 Power Snatch 3 Arnold Press 3 Front Rack Squat