MJ’s SECRET Weapon…

So I wanted to share my thoughts from the final episode of “The Last Dance”. Within this episode, I wanted to address MJ’s ‘SECRET Weapon”. I do so within the newest episode

Single Arm Dumbbell Flow

Here's an awesome Single-Arm Dumbbell Flow for you to try... https://youtu.be/MhRx8BLQN4Q Just with a Single Dumbbell. 3 Deadlifts 3 High Pull 3 Power Snatch 3 Arnold Press 3 Front Rack Squat

Dumbbell HANGMAN Complex

Grab a single dumbbell and get ready to GRIP N RIP and test yourself with a quick complex set up. https://youtu.be/QpIm0f1jAUk It’s simple, not easy… EMOM x 20 Mins Odd Min - 1 Round

DAD Obligations

I got chills (again) while watching the latest episode of "The Last Dance".⠀It was the part when Tim Grover, Jordan's personal trainer, was talking about what Michael had said to

Lunge Complex From HELL

https://youtu.be/-zUIadPYC2s If you’re stuck in quarantine and don’t have a lot of ‘heavy’ stuff to lift for legs, this will suit fine for the time being. Give it a go but be

You Don’t “Have To” Do Anything…

Here's a simple little mentality trick for you. Not sure where I first heard this, but when I did, it created a MASSIVE MINDSET SHIFT in how I started to think

Upper Body PUMP Complex

Upper Body PUMP Complex https://youtu.be/OuFyX1_1bjo Want to build your shoulders and back plus get an extreme upper body pump with just a single kettlebell or dumbbell? Check out this complex… The Triple Push Triple

The Quarantine Journal Challenge

https://youtu.be/EmpnpJnwdPM THE FORGED FATHER PROJECT I sent out a message to my newsletter talking about keeping a “Quarantine Journal”. Think of it as something to help keep you accountable and on track during

Hardest 20 Minutes Ever?

This might be one of the HARDEST sessions I've done in a while. It's a 20 minute EMOM (AKA = Every Minute on the Minute) Every minute has a