The “DDB” Double KB Complex

I work with a LOT of DADS who are short on time. To challenge them, I create a LOT of quick Kettlebell supersets, circuits, EMOM's, and AMRAPs to build strength

10 Principles Of A Forged FATHER

These are 10 principles I've gathers from my 5+ years of being a DAD that have helped me hold things together and keep my edge in life.   While I'm NOT perfect

Swing Snatch Lunge Kettlebell Complex

This is a great little Kettlebell Complex that flows together really well. I like to hit it EMOM style focusing on one arm every minute and rotating arms every round. Not so


Show me a dad who’s 20-30 lbs overweight, constantly run-down and tired, and I’ll show you a man who’s exactly where he should be.  It's not because he's constantly "unmotivated"... It's not

Full Body 32 Minute EMOM Workout

If you're busy like pretty much everyone is, this one is for you. All you need is 32 minutes and a set of Kettlebells and a Box. This is a solid full

DON’T Wait For Jan 1st

Don't wait until Jan 1st 👎🏻 ⠀ You'll achieve NOTHING in waiting. You'll only be putting off the inevitable. By Jan 1st my goal is to hit Double 88’s for 20 reps unbroken ☠️☠️ ⠀ I’ve got a

Quick Hitting Double KB Workout

I got a solid workout for you to test out. All it requires is a double set of bells. Something you know you can Strict Press overhead for a solid 5 reps. You

The “.45 Complex” Method

There's a system I like to use when creating some of my complexes. This particular one is The ".45 Complex" Method. I take 3 movements and combine them into a complex chain