Upper Body PUMP Complex

Upper Body PUMP Complex https://youtu.be/OuFyX1_1bjo Want to build your shoulders and back plus get an extreme upper body pump with just a single kettlebell or dumbbell? Check out this complex… The Triple Push Triple

The Quarantine Journal Challenge

https://youtu.be/EmpnpJnwdPM THE FORGED FATHER PROJECT I sent out a message to my newsletter talking about keeping a “Quarantine Journal”. Think of it as something to help keep you accountable and on track during

Hardest 20 Minutes Ever?

This might be one of the HARDEST sessions I've done in a while. It's a 20 minute EMOM (AKA = Every Minute on the Minute) Every minute has a

Building Your HOME GYM

When it comes to having a HOME GYM, it doesn't need to be anything crazy. You don't have to have all of the fancy bells and whistles. Just the BAREBONES BASICS. To help


I just want to send out some big props to my man Chris! https://youtu.be/yRYqWPt-Kus Before Chris joined up with Forged FATHER, it wasn’t like he was sitting around doing nothing. He wasn’t laying

Winning The INNER GAME

Are you WINNING the INNER GAME??⠀Most dads like to think the cure to DESTROYING THE DAD BOD for good is going to come from a secret workout program or a

High Rep Clean Swing Snatch Complex

https://youtu.be/C0-pwLFveVg Grab a moderate to light kettlebell and let’s get to work 😎⠀You’ll do a descending ladder of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps of each movement on each arm.⠀So…⠀5 Clean,

Revisiting DISCIPLINE > motivaiton

If you've ever wondered WHY you can't seem to stay on track or why you just can't seem to push over the hump so you can achieve the specific results
Forged Strong

Making The “New Norm” The NORM

The "new norm". Most of us have fallen into a "new norm" since the CV pandemic has hit. Quarantined at home with nowhere else to go. No school for kids. Working from home. Your old

Suns Out, Sprints Out

https://youtu.be/c0zoFJE_Fuw No gym needed for this routine. If you’ve been cooped up in your house, this quick 20 minute routine with get you all ready to rock and roll. Just you. A kettlebell. And about