Upper Body PUMP Complex

Want to build your shoulders and back plus get an extreme upper body pump with just a single kettlebell or dumbbell?

Check out this complex…

The Triple Push Triple Pull Complex

6 Kneeling Overhead Press
6 Neutral Stance Bent Row
6 Standing Strict Overhead Press
6 Split Stance Bent Row
6 Push Press
6 Power High Pulls

Hit all of the reps back to back to back on the SAME arm.

Once you complete the full complex, rest 30 or so seconds and then switch arms and hit it on the other side.

Do a total of 3 to 4 rounds per side.

Rest a solid 90 sec or so between rounds.

You’re hitting 3 different variations of overhead presses coupled with 3 different variations of pulling.

Fun stuff. 

This gets real after the first round.

The pump you get in your forearms, shoulders, back, and even your chest is awesome.

Give it a go and see how heavy you can get UNBROKEN.

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