Most dads like to think the cure to DESTROYING THE DAD BOD for good is going to come from a secret workout program or a magical diet plan.

While there’s no doubt you need to TRAIN consistently and FUEL your body properly.l to get the results you want, it’s not the most important piece to the puzzle.

We live in a world that has more information than you know what to do with.

You can get all of the FREE information you want from google.

While all of that stuff is certainly IMPORTANT, it’s NOT the most important.

What’s the most important thing above all else is the INNER GAME.

How you think, how you act, HOW YOU LIVE.

In this podcast episode, I share a replay of a live coaching session I did inside my FREE Facebook Group, “DRIVEN Ex-Athlete DADS”.

I talked all about the importance of Winning The INNER GAME.

I even talk about how I used to be a BIG PUSSY and if you can’t figure out how to CONQUER your INNER BITCH, you’ll continue to LOSE no matter how good your “outer game” is.


If you’re an EX-ATHLETE DAD and you have 20-30 lbs to lose, and you know you need and want some extra assistance with destroying the DAD BOD for good…

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