Grab a single dumbbell and get ready to GRIP N RIP and test yourself with a quick complex set up.

It’s simple, not easy…

EMOM x 20 Mins 
Odd Min – 1 Round Of “Hangman Complex” 
Even Min – 1 Round Of “Hangman Complex” – Opposite Arm

Your grip is going to be lit after this along with your shoulders, upper back, legs and lungs.

One “Hangman Complex” is the following…

8 Single Arm DB Russian Swings
6 Single Arm Hang Snatch
4 Single Arm Hang Clean to Press
2 Single Arm Squat Clean to Thruster

Grab a weight you can hit the complex UNBROKEN with.

The middle rounds are going to get spicy, but you gotta hold on!  

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