Forged SUCCESS Story – Wyatt

Couldn’t be more PROUD Of This Guy... I have a success story to share with you today. This is Wyatt and I’ll tell you, I couldn’t be more proud of this freaking

The “321 KB Burpee Hybrid Complex”

Here's a quick one for you. Hit this after my main session yesterday to get some blood flowing and sweat dripping. If you’re ever in a pinch for time (which I know


There's TWO NEW Podcast Episodes UP covering the SPARTAN ULTRA BEAST... I'm very pleased to say that I COMPLETED my goal of running a 30 Mile ULTRA BEAST Spartan Race.  It took

Carrying The Bucket…

I can remember when I had to carry this bucket during the first lap of the Spartan ULTRA BEAST last weekend. I remember thinking about how many more miles and hours

Why Most DIETS Typically FAIL…

Want to know why DIETS typically NEVER work?? It's because most diets are OPINION BASED and not driven by FACTS. For example... KETO has you hate on carbs... PALEO has you hate on sugar,


I hear a LOT of DADS tell me that they "Just Can't Keep Going"... Anytime they get motivated to finally start a new workout routine or another gimmicky diet, it's usually

He Who Hesitates…

There was an old saying back in the day my buddies and I used to joke about and say... "He Who Hesitates, Master..." But seriously, HE WHO HESITATES, LOSES. Nothing great ever comes

Motivation Is Bullsh*t

Motivation is a Bunch of BULLSH*T I talk with a lot of DADS who need to make changes in their life. ⁣⁣⁣DADS who know they need to take back control of their

The PROBLEM Ain’t The Solution

The PROBLEM Ain't The SOLUTION... Stepping away from the PROBLEMS: What the BUSY DAD needs to focus on to get the RESULTS he wants. Just like any other dad out there, I