Don’t Be SOFT

😳 Now is NOT the time to be "SOFT." 😳Soft is a MINDSET.Soft is allowing your fears to take total control over you, your thoughts, and actions.Soft is giving in to your

The Kettlebell GAUNTLET

The Kettlebell Gauntlet... This is a famous benchmark workout we do in my gym, The Forged Athlete, that will put you to the test. 4 kettlebell movements. 3-minute AMRAP rounds

5 Ways To Push Through The Quarantine

With the quarantine in full effect and NO REAL END insight, it's time to accept that we're in this for the long haul. It's ADAPT or DIE. Change or get crushed. Some men

The BIG 4 Daily

With the craziness of COVID-19, if you didn't have any structure before it all ramped up, you're probably in a world of chaos now. To help bring you some order, I

The DAILY DAD BOD Destroyer

It's official; gyms have been closed all over the world with the Coronavirus pandemic, which means a lot of dads now have nowhere to go to train. No fear as "The DAILY DESTROY

Conquer Coronavirus

PREPPING FOR A POSSIBLE QUARANTINE!? Gym are more than likely going to get shut down within the next few days. That's OK because I have your back for training. We won't let this
Forged Strong

Matt Anderson – SUCCESS Story

Here's a great SUCCESS story about one of the driven dads within the Forged FATHER Project. This man has been on a MISSION and has accomplished some great things. Besides going from

Are YOU Setting The Example?

If you're a DAD who's SERIOUS about being the LEADER for his family, I know this will hit you hard. If you're a DAD and you feel like this might be

Lunge Press Clean Complex

Ready for a shoulder burner complex with some legs thrown in for good measure? Here's how this one rolls... 5 Drop Lunge / Leg 5 Alternating Piston Press / Arm 5 Cleans Then 4, 3,