It’s official; gyms have been closed all over the world with the Coronavirus pandemic, which means a lot of dads now have nowhere to go to train.

No fear as “The DAILY DESTROY DAD BOD” program is here!

I’ve listened to your requests and I’ve made it a reality.

Just this AM I opened up my inbox to over a dozen upon dozens of messages from dads who are S.O.L. because their gym shut down, so they’re now CLUELESS as to what to do.


So, the first official “Daily DESTROY DAD BOD” session is already happening TODAY with a special test.

Workouts for the rest of the week and beyond have been loaded up and are ready to roll.

Think of this as the beginning to a global REVOLUTION of DRIVEN DADS, all determined to destroy the dad bod plus all of the weakness it brings with it.

This isn’t the time to cower and submit to the chaos.

It’s a testing time, no doubt with a lot of uncertainties and fear…

NOW is the time to rise up and be the LEADER for yourself, your family, and everyone else around you.

That starts with YOU taking back control of your strength, fitness, and health.

I’ll show you exactly how to do it with only a single kettlebell or dumbbell, your own bodyweight, and only 20 mins.

Ready to join up?

NO GYM REQUIRED (obviously)