One of my favorite memories from back when I was young is how my dad taught me to do push ups and pull ups.

From a very young age, he instilled the value of HARD WORK into my brain, and in turn, it rewired how I thought.

He used to ask me things like…

“What’s your opponent out there doing right now?”

“You think there’s a guy out there somewhere working harder than you are right now?”

That always fired me up and would make me WANT to push myself harder.

My dad never had to force me to work hard…

I WANTED to work hard because I understood the GIFT it would give you back in return.

So, I started doing 100 push ups before bed nightly.

I’d hammer out pull ups off the clothesline hanger in the back yard every day.

I’d go out and do more hill sprints.

The thought of “being outworked” made me sick to my stomach, and if I wanted success, I knew I had to go out and make it happen.

I understood that I HAD THE POWER to bring more success my way if I embraced HARD WORK.

My dad was able to teach me and SHOW ME that through fitness.

Just the simple idea and act of doing some push ups every day went a LONG way on into the future.

It’s helped mold me into the man I am today, and now, I’m here to LEAD and set the EXAMPLE to my daughters.

Just last night, I started something new with my two older daughters.

I have a rope in my garage that they like to climb, so the deal is, three rope climbs a day.

After that, they get to swing on the rope, which they had an absolute BLAST.

It was a fun and special time, and I know these girls will remember these moments later in life.

The last thing I want them remembering is me sitting on the couch watching Netflix or being a lazy-ass…


With the world being flipped upside-down from the coronavirus pandemic, now is the time as a DAD to step up and LEAD more than ever.

Yesterday is too late.

Think of ways you can LEAD your kids through fitness and strength.

If you’re NOT leading yourself already through making your health and fitness a priority, then use the fact that you need to LEAD YOUR KIDS as an extra incentive to get your ass in gear NOW.

Stop stalling.

Stop making excuses.

Stop waiting for “motivation” to come…

In fact, FUCK motivation!



Your kids need a LEADER, not a follower or some guy who doesn’t do shit because he isn’t “motivated” to…

They need someone that will show them the way forward through the chaos with ACTION, not excuses.

There’s a LOT of ways you can lead your kids.

One of the best is through strength and fitness.

Get them on track with that NOW.

But I get it…

With gyms across the globe now shut down due to the coronavirus, there’s no better time than NOW to get them involved in your workouts.

And since you’ll probably be hitting workouts AT-HOME for a while (if you even choose to do so), bring them on as your training partners.

Just get them involved in some way.

Just look at what my man Mike did with his boys (see the main pic with this post)

This is the type of stuff I LOVE to see!

DADS being LEADERS through strength and fitness.

Mike just hopped on board with the “Daily DAD BOD Destroyer” workout program I released earlier this week.

It looks like he loves it as do his kids.

Just ONE of the many ways I can help guide YOU forward…

So here’s what’s up:

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I have a variety of options available depending on YOU and your specific goals.

Lets see what’s not working so we can come up with a plan to fix things.