With the craziness of COVID-19, if you didn’t have any structure before it all ramped up, you’re probably in a world of chaos now.

To help bring you some order, I wanted to share with you a few things I’ve been doing for the past couple of years to keep myself uncheck daily.

SIMPLE things that’ll help bring you a lot of benefits not only physically, but mentally as well.

I just recorded a new podcast episode covering all of these in deeper detail, LISTEN BELOW…

Let’s dig into the “Daily Big 4.”

1 – ICE COLD Shower

Yeah buddy!

First thing every morning…

I’ve now hit 813 days in a row without missing.

It could have been over 1000, but I was lazy a few years back and skipped a day.

Either way, ICS’s not only wake me up naturally, but they also benefit my immune system.

Somewhat crucial in this day and age, right??

The truth is, I don’t do ICS’s for those reasons…

I do it for the simple fact of being DISCIPLINE.

My ICS every morning SUCKS.

I never look forward to it, but once I get it done, it puts a W in the WIN column for the day.

And when you start the day off with a WIN, you’ve created momentum for yourself.

Consider adding this ASAP.

I recommend 1st thing in the AM but you could literally do it at any time.

The point is to DO IT.

2 – The 50/50

The 50/50 is simple.

Do 50 Band Pull Apart’s for your upper back then 50 Push Ups just because, Push Ups are GOOD for you.

Now, for the BPA’s, you don’t have a Band, you can do 50 “Superman Reach and Rows”, or you can even do a bent-over “Imaginary BPA’s” if need be.

I do these to hit the upper back, which I feel is super important to do daily because the upper back NEEDS ATTENTION.

With as much sitting we do, the upper back tends to round out, which can lead to poor posture.

To activate the upper back and give it the daily attention it needs, that’s where these BPA’s come in.

In addition to the 50 Pull Apart’s, I also hit 50 HIGH-QUALITY Push Ups.

Nothing else to be said about those…

Push Ups are quite simply powerful.

3 – Daily BREATH Work

Typically soon after I’ve hit my Ice Cold Shower, I hit up some Breath Work.

Right now, I’ve been on a Wim Hof kick doing his breathwork routine.

Thirty big breaths in, 30 big breaths out then a HOLD for as LONG as you can go.

After the hold, you breathe back in deep and hold that for 15 seconds.

Then you roll into the next round.

I do that for three rounds.

If it’s not that, I’ll do 5 mins of “Box Breathing” with a 4-sec in, 4-sec hold, 4-sec out, then 4-sec hold.

Brings me into a focused and relaxed state so I can begin my day and start attacking.

4 – Daily Hip Mobility

The last thing I wanted to share with you is to open your HIPS daily.

Years back, I used to suffer from a lot of lower back pain because I was to tight from years of playing football and lifting heavy ass weights without mobilizing my hips.

Now I do this daily because it’s helped me erase the back pain, plus it’s just good for you and your overall mobility.

Most guys are walking around with tight ass hips, which leads to a lot of lower back pain and other issues.

You can destroy this problem but opening up your hips daily.

I spend a minimum of 2 mins per side hanging out in the “Big Lunge” position.

I usually do this at the end of the day when I’m hanging out with the fam before bed.

You’ll get a TON of benefit out of doing this daily.


Consistency is the key with these four things.

I do a LOT of extra stuff in addition to these 4, but these 4 I feel are near the top of the list in helping me stay focused and feel good.

Put these to use within your own life and reap the rewards as well.

If you want the deeper details on these, check out the Podcast + Blog post I just put up HERE

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