With the quarantine in full effect and NO REAL END insight, it’s time to accept that we’re in this for the long haul.

It’s ADAPT or DIE.

Change or get crushed.

Some men are in denial about it and think it’s just a “month vacation” away from the norm.

It’s NOT.

It’s time to make some changes and RISE UP AGAINST THE RESISTANCE.

Or, you can settle on making examples.

What do you want?

Here’s what my DADS are doing…


Your mindset.


This, in turn, will determine your ability and willingness to ADAPT and OVERCOME.

A lot of men are letting the fear, uncertainty, and doubt take complete hold of them and their actions.

So they do nothing.

That’s a waste of time.

Right now, you have to act and be on the offensive.

Sitting back and doing nothing, that’s the lazy thing to do.

You have to be willing to move forth into the UNKNOWN.

We’re ALL going through the same pandemic, and we’re all facing similar battles, and NONE of this is easy.

How YOU choose to react is up to YOU.

ACTION is #1.

Moving into the next key pieces.


Routine is everything.

I’ve told all of my men to stay on their routines as best as possible.

If they were waking up early and hitting their training sessions at 5am before all of the craziness hit, KEEP DOING IT.

Just because your kids don’t have school and you don’t have to commute to work any longer, for the time being, doesn’t mean you should give in to the laziness of sleeping in and falling off your routine.

Routine is what helps create CONSISTENCY.

If you want RESULTS, especially when it comes to shredding away the DAD BOD and getting yourself stronger, healthier, and fitter, CONSISTENCY is the secret. 

If anything, create a routine and have the discipline to stick with it.

This is where the “CORE 5” comes into play and helps my dads WIN.

The “CORE 5” is a part of the system I’ve created that helps drive our daily routines forward.

TRAIN Somehow, Someway.

So, you don’t have access to a gym?

Guess what…

You NEVER needed a gym to begin with.

What matters most in this time is you DO SOMETHING.

While it’s essential to have a method to the madness, that’s not always possible when times are a bit nuts.

Something is better than nothing.

My guys are still hitting it hard with a variety of methods they’re able to use at home.

Whether they have a few Kettlebells, DB’s or even just a homemade Sandbag, it doesn’t matter.

Training is still happening because training is everything for when it comes to building your body and, more importantly, boosting your immune system. 

Plus, it keeps your mindset in check.

If you’re stressed, go hit a hard workout, and that stress will get crushed.

Sit on the couch, have a beer or two while you binge on Netflix; you’ll get the opposite.


Dial-In On Your FUEL Intake

My wife and I used to get take-out a few times a week.

Since CV hit, we haven’t had take-out for over a month now.

It’s been nothing but home-cooked meals, and it’s made things super simple.

For the men I work with, they’ve been dialing in on their fuel as well.

They’ve been sharpening their skillsets with improved meal-prep, better pre-tracking, and in turn, hitting their MACROS.

As a result, body composition is significantly improving; they’re feeling a big boost in energy, and they’re keeping themselves healthy.

If there was ever a better time to dial in on your FUEL, it’s NOW.


With the quarantine comes “close quarters.”

I know for me, I’ve spent so much more time with my family because I’ve had a good bit of extra time.

It’s been GOOD, and I’ve really enjoyed it.

While it can get a bit stressful at times with the kids and being cooped up inside without anywhere to go, I don’t take it for granted.

I’ve used it as a time to connect better and become even more present with my wife and my daughters.

The same can be said with the dads I work with inside Forged FATHER.

Guys are getting their kids involved with their training sessions.

Their spending more quality time with family and relationships are getting STRONGER.

If we’re going to be “quarantined” for a while, we might as well make the most of it by getting better connected.

Put the phone away and get of social media.

Stop scrolling through Instagram and Facebook.

I’m guilty as ever getting caught up with this.

My wife and I just spoke about this last night, and a couple of strict rules will be getting put into play and enforced moving ahead.

It’s all for the better.

Stronger connections = better relationships.

So, how are you going to push through this quarantine?


PS – “Dathlete Bootcamp 2.0”.

I have 3 more spots left for the NEXT Dathlete BOOTCAMP.

This is for the busy EX-ATHLETE DAD who’s not been able to get and stay on track with his health and fitness goals who wants to lose 20-30 pounds and is driven and determined to shred it all away within the next 3 months.

The next 12-week “DATHLETE BOOTCAMP,” is just about ready to be reopened, which is a program I custom made specifically for DADS who’re ready to get back to looking and feeling like their old athlete self again.

And, with the COVID-19 pandemic that’s currently going down, we’ll be doing all of this WITHOUT the need of a gym or tons of equipment (I’ve been helping men get into amazing shape without a gym for YEARS)

So if you…

1 – Are a busy EX-ATHLETE DAD (you must have been an athlete in high school, college, or even pro)

2 – Ready, willing, and able to INVEST into yourself (sorry, this is NOT a “fr-ee challenge” program)

3 – Have at least 30 mins a day x 4 times a week to take for yourself to train and workout

4 – Willing to track and dial in on your nutrition intake (without strict dieting)

5 – Are experienced training with free weights and your bodyweight + have access to at LEAST a single kettlebell or dumbbell

6 – Are coachable and can follow and stick to a plan of attack + you’re READY TO GO NOW (no excuses)

If you’re a 6/6 on the requirements above, reply to this email with “DATHLETE” in the subject line and I’ll get you the deeper details.

We’ll be starting things up on Monday, 4/6

PPS – Check out my man Zach, who’s in DATHLETE Bootcamp 1.0…

As you can see, he’s making it happen.

He’s lost nearly 11 lbs just after 4 weeks!