Gym are more than likely going to get shut down within the next few days.

That’s OK because I have your back for training.

We won’t let this COVID-19 hold us back from getting fitter and stronger.

There’s always a SOLUTION through the RESISTANCE…

A few quick things with that…

1 – Get A Set Of Exercise Bands

We have “Wodfitters” brand at the gym (link below)


2 – Get A Kettlebell

*** I have 100’s of DONE-FOR-YOU @ home workouts ready to roll and will be creating them if we are forced to close down

I actually have a bit of a “challenge” should that happen 😎

Nutrition Wise

1 – Stock Up On PROTEINS
-grass-fed beef
-canned tuna, chicken NOT ideal but if you’re locked inside with nowhere to go… you never know

2 – Healthy Fats
-nuts & seeds
-“paleo” granola

3 – Healthy Carbs
-white rice


1 – Daily Greens Drink
-get your essential vitamins and minerals

2 – Take A Daily Multi
-Vit D3
-Vit C

3 – Omega 3 Fish Oils

I now personally take DRIVEN Nutrition



Above all else… BE SMART and STAY SAFE

COMMUNICATE WITH ME about anything.

I’m here for each and every one of you!