If you’ve ever wondered WHY you can’t seem to stay on track or why you just can’t seem to push over the hump so you can achieve the specific results you desire, consider for a second it’s NOT due to you not being “motivated”.

It’s a game of DISCIPLINE.

Your success or lack thereof will always be a direct reflection of how DISCIPLINED you are, not how “motivated” you are.

This is a clip that I took from the private coaching group I have for my gym, The Forged Athlete.

The gym has been closed for in-person training sessions for over a month, but that hasn’t stopped us from making gains and achieving success.

Despite not having access to the gym and the sessions we run live, people are still getting RESULTS and staying on track at-home.

For some though, they’re having a hard time and it’s understandable…  when your normal environment that supply “motivation” is taken away from you, what do you do?

Well, if you’re a person who solely relies on motivation, you’re going to FAIL.

So, here’s a quick chat to revisit the importance of DISCIPLINE over motivation.


If you’re an EX-ATHLETE DAD and you have 20-30 lbs to lose, and you know you need and want some extra assistance with destroying the DAD BOD for good…

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With the COVID-19 Pandameic wreaking havoc on the world right now and shutting down gyms everywhere, being on your lonesome is going to be extremely TOUGH and challenging.

Shoot, for most men, things were tough and challenging BEFOREHAND.

You don’t have to go on this journey alone.

You can get the direct support and guidance you need via ONLINE COACHING, which is what you get within the Forged FATHER Project.

You’re going to be seeing a HUGE BOOM in the “online coaching” world here within the next few weeks.

Heck, you’re already seeing it now!

The good thing is, I’ve been coaching men online since 2008, so helping DADS get back their edge in life isn’t anything new to me.

Plus, I LIVE THE LIFESTYLE I PREACH, so I know it works, and I stand behind everything I say and teach.

So, if you want an experienced coach WHO CARES about YOU and has PROVEN to help get EX-ATHLETE DADS back into fantastic shape so they can then be the best for their family, this is it.

Just note, you’ll have to be ready to PUT IN THE WORK.

I’m here to help show you the pa; you’ll need to walk the path.

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