😳 Now is NOT the time to be “SOFT.” 😳

Soft is a MINDSET.

Soft is allowing your fears to take total control over you, your thoughts, and actions.

Soft is giving in to your self-doubt and accepting uncertainty in self.

Soft is living in scarcity and letting that run your life.

Soft is accepting average and being OK with mediocrity.

Soft is making the stories of failure you have running inside your head come true.

Soft is quitting.

Soft is easy.

Soft is weak.

Don’t be soft.

Instead, commit to being HARD.

Stay HARD through consistent, daily action.

Stay HARD through discipline.

Stay HARD by pushing into the UNKNOWN.

Stay HARD by RISING UP against fear.



Stay HARD by being the LEADER.

Stay HARD because HARD IS HARD.

“HARD” is a lifestyle.

Most men say they want to be “HARD,” but a lot of the same men aren’t
willing to LIVE HARD.

Especially is HARD times…

There’s quite a difference there.

So how are you going to choose to be in your life?

Soft or HARD?

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