No gym needed for this routine.

If you’ve been cooped up in your house, this quick 20 minute routine with get you all ready to rock and roll.

Just you.

A kettlebell.

And about 50m of open space for you to sprint.

The set up…

EMOM x 20 Mins
Min 1 – KB Complex on Weak Arm
***Complex = 5 Power Cleans + 4 Front Squat + 3 Push Press
Min 2 – 100m Shuttle Sprint (50m Down and Back)
Min 3 – KB Complex on Opposite Arm
Min 4 – 100m Shuttle Sprint
***Keep rotating through until you hit 20 mins

Keep the sprints, SPRINTS.

It’s NOT a “Jog Down and Back”

If need be, shorten the sprint up a bit to keep your intensity high.

This gets SPICEY.

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