This past Friday was day #1 of our “Summer Games” 5-week competition we’re having inside the Forged Father. 

We took on the “Bodyweight Gauntlet”, which is a classic benchmark test I created nearly 10 years ago that I’ve put 1000’s of athletes through.  

It’s a simple test, but it’s NOT easy.  

Just like any hard workout, it pushes you both mentally and physically. 

You’ll go through and experience some DISCOMFORT.

When in the moment, it’s not always “fun”, but what’s FUN is what comes AFTER finish…

When you know you gave it all you had and you pushed yourself through the discomfort, it’s an amazing feeling.

It’s from that we EARN COMFORT.

Let me explain a bit deeper…

There’s been a number of times I can specifically remember how UNCOMFY a workout was that brought me so much comfort in the end because I was willing to embrace and endure the discomfort during the workout.

One of the most memorable times was from the 2018 Crossfit GAMES.

The event was 2 rounds of the following…

1000m Row
750m Ski
50 Double DB Front Squats @ 50 lbs

It was absolutely BRUTAL.

I was in extreme DISCOMFORT just after the 1st round and my mind so badly wanted to give up and quit.

But it was in that moment when I embraced the discomfort and pushed through, that I earned COMFORT.

Once the event was done and I finished, I couldn’t have been more fulfilled.

This to me is COMFORT.

Had I given in and rested in the middle of the workout or slowed down because of the pain, the discomfort would have stayed because I’d know in my mind I didn’t give it my all.

In that event, I didn’t back down from the discomfort.

I didn’t allow myself to become a COWARD from the fatigue.

Instead, I stayed right there in the fire and pushed myself to the brink of my physical capacity.

To be honest, I could’ve  finished dead last in the workout and I still would’ve been fine because I knew I had given my absolute best effort possible.


And this whole mindset of “EARNING YOUR COMFORT”, it just doesn’t apply to fitness.

It applies to just about EVERYTHING within life.

When you’re unmotivated or too tired to do this or that so skip it…

That’s taking the easy road and the easy road will only lead to DISCOMFORT later on.

Think about it.

Every time you quit on yourself and give in to instant gratification, it always comes back to bite you in the ass.

I dig into all this much deeper in the latest episode of Forged FATHER FM HERE.

Take some time to listen because there’s a very important breakthrough to be had when you finally “get it” and it clicks for ya.

When you do, you’ll see DISCOMFORT as something completely different.

In fact, you might even start to seek it out.

EARN your comfort.


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