Enough Was Enough…

Meet Josh, who’s a busy ex-professional baseball player, now a full-time dad of 6.

When I first spoke with Josh, things were starting to get out of hand for him.

Josh had let himself get way out of shape and overweight.

He had the typical excuses…

I’m busy with work and kids.

I’m always tired and run down.

I lose my motivation and can’t stay consistent.

I no longer have a team or group of guys to keep me accountable.

I no longer have the drive or to push myself hard.

As a result of all this, Josh had let himself get 30 lbs overweight.

He was constantly lethargic, always feeling tired and it was starting to have a major effect on his relationships with his wife and kids.

Josh got to the point where he didn’t even recognize himself in the mirror.

Years back as a baseball player competing at the top level within the major leagues, Josh was at his peak.

So when he’d look in the mirror and see a guy with a dad bod looking back at him, it pained him deep seeing what he had allowed himself to become.

A shell of his former self… not being the man he knew he was capable of being.

So enough was enough!

When Josh reached out, he was driven and determined to get back on top, but he just didn’t know-how.

He had tried old workout routines and couldn’t figure out how to stick with it.

He tried “eating clean” and it’d work for a short while, then he’d just go back to eating like crap and gain any of the weight back that he has lost.

He just didn’t have the path or the support to stick to a plan.

In came The Forged FATHER Project.

Going BEYOND just the nutrition and training side of things, Josh has now started to develop new habits and behaviors that have helped him get and stay consistent.

He’s now organized, focused, and has a solid plan of attack he follows daily.

In addition, he also has the accountability and support of a brotherhood full of other driven dads to keep him on track.

Just after a month in, Josh has now lost 9 lbs but has also built muscle and shredded away unwanted body fat.

His clothes fit better, he looks leaner, and the dad bod is getting destroyed.

His energy level is through the roof and he’s starting to feel like his old self again.

Best of all, Josh hasn’t had to follow some BS strict diet nor spend hours within the gym to get it done.

In fact, Josh has been able to accomplish all of these powerful results during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When most guys are out there complaining and coming up with excuses, Josh has been simply executing and taking massive action with SYSTEMS the Forged FATHER Project has in place.

The results have shown and the changes are happening.

Even better, Josh has been so inspired and moved by his personal journey inside Forged FATHER that he’s now committed himself to become a strength and performance coach!

That’s what real change is about…

Setting the example by DOING THE WORK and LEADING FROM THE FRONT.

The Forged FATHER’s mission is to build dads into better men so they can do and be more for the family’s they LEAD.

Josh is just a single example of this in action.

So again, here”s a BIG CONGRATS to Josh and his earned results thus far within The Forged FATHER.

It’s only just the beginning…

PS – If you’re an ex-athlete DAD (which if you’re in this group I assume you are) and you’ve let things slip a bit too far out of control and you don’t like seeing what’s staring back at you in the mirror…

And you’re determined to make a change and committed to putting in the work, reach out and we’ll see if things are a solid fit.

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