Are you FOCUSING too much on the WRONG stuff?

I know I did for a very LONG time.

Years back I let negative self-talk run the show.

It can destroy you.

Stop and ask yourself, “What do I typically think about most?”

Possible failure?

All your doubts and fears?

Things that you DON’T want?

It’s said that you get what you FOCUS on most.

Is this true?

I believe so.

So why not just focus in on the POSITIVES then?

If it were only that easy…

While you certainly don’t want to focus on negative shit, you still gotta acknowledge it and know it’s there.

Let it scare ya a wee bit, but move on from it and focus in on what you DO want.

But don’t only think about what you want, TAKE THE MASSIVE ACTION NEEDED TO MAKE IT BECOME A REALITY.

= In comes the 5/15/80 FOCUS RULE =

5% – Acknowledge the Negatives
15% – Pinpoint the Positives

Most dads have it ass-backward…

80% of their focus is spent on negative shit thy DON’T 

And only 5% of their focus is on the action.

When you make the switch your life will change ⠀

This episode goes deep…

Listen to the FULL podcast –

If anything, just think about what you want, then go f*cking DO THE WORK to get it.

Simple right?


PS – Know what you want, but just don’t know HOW to get it?

Lacking the skills and the know-how?

Can’t find the right program you can actually stick to?

Workouts don’t work?

Totally confused withy NUTRITION?

Can’t find the damn time?? 

Overwhelmed and frustrated??

The Forged FATHER Project is all about giving you the knowledge you need so you KNOW what to do.

To keep you on track, it also gives you the support and guidance needed to so you STOP quitting and instead get the RESULTS you want.

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You also gotta be READY to put in the work and commit to change.

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