Hill Sprints In 100 Degree Heat 😳 🔥

Whenever it gets really hot out, it always makes me think back to when I’d go run hill sprints during the summer.  

It didn’t matter if it was 100 degrees out or if it was pouring rain, if I had planned to run sprints, I would go run sprints.  

There’d be days where I wanted to skip knowing I had to lift weights later on with my team.  

And there’d be plenty of days where I just didn’t want to go, period.  

But I’d still go because something inside me wouldn’t allow me to be lazy. 

It just wasn’t a part of WHO I was.  

I knew if I skipped putting in the work, I wouldn’t be worthy of earning any results. 

The PURPOSE for putting in the work was simple.  

I wanted to be the fastest player on the field. 

I wanted to be a weapon.

And I didn’t want to leave anything to chance.  

If it was up to be, it was up to ME.  

I’d always ran these sprints alone.  

There was just something about being out there by myself that I loved.  

I’d challenge myself by timing each round with a stopwatch. 

If I slowed down, even by a millisecond, I’d add in another sprint as punishment, and I wouldn’t leave until I got in 20 sprints up the hill under the time cap. 

Sometimes it’d take me only 20 attempts.  

Other times, it’d take 30.  

I probably ran close to 1000 hill sprints over the years.  

In fact, there was a spot on this one particular hill that I ran so damn much; it wore a faint dirt path right into the grass.

I remember one day, the groundskeeper stopped me when I was hitting a session and said, “So it’s YOU who’s been tearing up the grass!?” 

That was MY SPOT and MY PLACE.  

Even though sometimes it felt as if I was going to die during a session, I still enjoyed every bit of the hard work I was putting in.  

If I didn’t have beads of sweat pouring off my head, I just didn’t feel right. 

I craved the hard work.  

I looked forward to it because it was a part of WHO I was.  

And it’s made me into WHO I am today.  

And it all started with the PURPOSE behind the work.  

I wanted to be the best, and I never wanted to be outworked.  

I wanted to be a CHAMPION.  


It was that extreme ‘WANT’ that turned into a deep burning DESIRE.  

That DESIRE made doing the work consistently, somewhat “easy.”  

That consistency turned into a DISCIPLINE.  

And it was that DISCIPLINE that kept me showing back up.  

The discipline was what helped produce the results.  

I talk about DISCIPLINE a lot because, without discipline, you won’t be able to earn the results you want.  

Sure, you might put in some hard work here and there, but if it isn’t consistent, you’ll always have average to mediocre results.  

I share this story because of the connection it has with EARNING RESULTS.  

So for instance…

If you’re an ex-athlete DAD and you’ve been struggling to get rid of the “DAD BOD” and the 20-30+ pounds you’ve put on over the years, this may have EVERYTHING to do with you.  


Well, if you have been struggling, I’ll have you consider something very important…

Consider for a second that the reason you haven’t been able to shred away the DAD BOD and get back to looking and feeling like the athlete of old is because you lack the DESIRE.  

You lack desire because you haven’t thought about the deeper PURPOSE behind WHY you genuinely want to lose weight (or get fit, ripped, whatever…)

At the surface level, you make it only about the weight.

That’s a mistake.  

Sure, it’ll be nice to be 20-30 pounds lighter, BUT WHY?

So you look better?  

That’s not deep enough, and it won’t push you to take consistent action. 

Maybe it’s so you have more energy?  

Still not deep enough.  

Maybe so you have more confidence?  

That’s a little deeper, but not where we need to be yet.

Maybe so you set a better example for your kids?  

That’s deeper…

Maybe so you can look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I’m doing my damn best to be the best.”

Now we’re getting somewhere.  

Now the purpose might be sparking up a little more DESIRE within yourself to make a significant change.  

You dig deep enough; you’ll create the burning desire needed to make the “work” seem like nothing.   

Shoot, even running sprints in the middle a 100-degree day won’t seem so bad.

Maybe you’ll even be crazy enough to “enjoy” it.  

PS – If you’re a dad and you to get back to looking and feeling like the athlete you used to be, feel free to shoot me a PM.

It’s time to get that burning desire back so you can start working to become your best. 

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