So I wanted to share my thoughts from the final episode of “The Last Dance”.

Within this episode, I wanted to address MJ’s ‘SECRET Weapon”.

I do so within the newest episode of Forged FATHER FM HERE

Off the top, everyone know’s that MJ was a superior athlete with his God-given talents.

He could jump outta the gym with ease, he was fast and agile, and just an amazing athlete.

On top of that, he was one of the hardest workers, fiercest competitors, and he wasn’t ever going to give up or quit.

He was what you could call, “Mentally UNBREAKABLE”.    

His secret weapon?

His ability to fully become focused and dialed in on the NOW.

MJ’s closest friends and teammates would mention who he’s always in the present and in the moment.  

Many would comment that MJ never let the future or the past mess with the actions he’d take in the present.


The PRESENT is what matters most and what you do in the NOW is all you can control.

It wasn’t until I had figured this out for myself that things drastically changed for me.

What really helped put this all into perspective was the book, “The Power Of NOW” by Eckert Tolle.

I listened to this book when I was traveling to compete within the Crossfit Games in 2018.

It had a tremendous impact on how I started to think from that day forth and I can tell you will 110% certainty, I helped me compete at a whole other level that week.

In short, you can’t let the fear and doubt you have of the future or even the past have control over the actions who choose to take within the NOW.

The NOW is the only thing you have control of.

You can’t control what’s happening in the past nor can you control what will happen in the future.

You can only control the NOW.

So, what’s this all have to do with YOU as a DAD??

Well, listen in on the latest episode of Forged FATHER FM and you’ll find out…

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