When it comes to getting yourself stronger, there’s not many
movements out there better than a TRUE Olympic Style Back

I’ll explain what an “Olympic Style Squat” is here in a minute but
I gotta tell ya, ever since I taught myself how to squat the right way,
my overall strength has seriously gone through the freakin’ roof.

All of my Olympic Lifts have increased.

Shoot, even my legs have gotten a bit BIGGER (quads baby!).

Plus my deadlift’s even gone up.

And to be completely honest with you, for the past 6 months or
so I haven’t actually done that much deadlifting.

I say this because it’s a little strange in how I hit a PR in my
deadlift just a few weeks back at 525 because you’d think I’d be
deadlifting quite a bit right?

Actually, what I’ve been a doing a ton of is squatting.


Well, squats in my mind are THE KING of all strength movements
while Deadlifts I’d say would be the prince.

Both are awesome strength movements, but I think if you can get
yourself stronger overall in your squat, you’re going to get
stronger OVERALL in everything else.

Even your deadlift.

Bottom line is, I want to help YOU increase you squat so in order
to do so, I’ve got a few BIG tips for you that I know will change
the game for ya.

Big Tip #1 – Teach Yourself how to High Bar Bar Back Squat.

In other words, learn how to do The “Olympic Style Squat”.

Remember I mentioned this above?

Olympic Style Squats are HIGH Bar Back Squats and if you didn’t
know, there’s a difference between low bar and high bar (which I won’t
get too far in-depth with into right now).

Just know that with high bar, you load the bar up high on your back
so you can squat more vertical with chest up and hips straight down
VS. the low bar where it’s more of a good morning / ass way back
squat combo.

Low bar is cool too, but HIGH bar is where it’s at.

Main issue with High Bar is how you need to have more overall
mobility in order to squat in a more vertical position.

This is one of the reasons people with poor mobility prefer the low
bar squat over the high bar (which was me growing up).

I had to re-teach myself how to squat Olympic Style because all I ever
did was low bar.  Shoot, back then I didn’t even know there was a difference!

With low bar, you don’t need as much hip and ankle mobility as you’re
pushing your ass back VS. dropping it between your feet.

So this is where MOBILITY becomes an even greater asset to have.

Improve Mobility + Improve Olympic Squat = IMPROVE STRENGTH.

Bottom line is, when you can teach yourself how to Olympic Squat
better, your overall strength is going to go up.

BIG SQUAT Tip #2 – Start Gripping The Ground With your Feet

This is something I never did growing up.

Even when I was in college I was NEVER taught this.

Either way, things changed once I started to grip the ground with my


If you think about it, when you squat your feet serve as the
foundational point of connection between you and the floor.

And if this foundation is weak, everything else above it is going to

So, the main reason you want to grip the ground with your feet is
so you can keep your weight distributed out to where it needs to be.

This meaning weight back in the heels and towards the
your feet.

But why not on the inside??

The last thing you want is for your arches of your feet to collapse
in because when that happens, your maximum amount of strength
potential is pretty much gonzo.

Another BAD point to this is when your arches collapse, the knees
typically follow them in which isn’t good for your squat OR your knees.

You want knees out so in order to keep them out, you need to maintain
your arches of your feet so start gripping the ground with your feet.

Just imagine curling your toes up and actually grabbing the floor with
your feet.

When you do this your arches stay intact and your weight stays distributed
where it needs to be.

Here’s a pic of my ugly feet to demo what I mean (do this inside your
shoes of course)

Now, these are just 2 of the BIG tips I’ve implemented into my
squatting technique over the years that have worked wonders.

If you want to know more, I go over everything in greater detail
within my new squat manual, “DOUBLE Your Squat”

I go over pretty much everything from A-Z on how to squat better plus
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Either way, make sure to focus in on these two tips I shared with you
above as I know your squat will go up when you do!