This week’s Thursday Throwdown is a guest Throwdown from Tyler Bramlet, creator of The CT-50 Training System.

It’s all about “progressive movement” which unfortunately is something a LOT of people totally neglect.

I’ve said it before and talk about it a lot in regards to Training H.A.M. but Training SMART.

It’s all about PROGRESSION especially if you want to achieve long lasting results.

So, let’s get right into the Throwdown.

Good news is, it’ll only take you 3 minutes.

Bad news is, it won’t be an “easy” 3 minutes.

Check out the video below FIRST then see the details on the “3 Minute Warrior Throwdown” below that.

The CT-50 Training System

The 3 Minute Warrior Throwdown:

Complete A 1 Minute AMRAP Of Each Movement:

a) Recline Row –> Kipping Pull Up –> Strict Pull Ups

b) Tough Jump –> Squat Thrust –> Burpees

c) Squat –> Jump Squat –> KB Loaded Goblet Squat Jump

(–>) Signifies progression in movement

***SCORE = Total amount of reps completed on each

This is the PERFECT ending to the session I did yesterday that involved a boat load of Squats, Squats Cleans, then a 2K row.

My quads are loving me right now 😉

Either way, give this one a quick go and let me know how you do.

When you break it all down, it’s only 240 total seconds of work.


Here’s Your “TO-DO” Lists…

Put yourself to the test with this simple 3 Minute Warrior Throwdown


Take a quick film of yourself Going H.A.M. and post it in the comments or at least share your results.

Let’s get it done and see what YOU can do.

For more info on the CT-50 Training System, Check Out The DETAILS HERE