I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

“When you can MOVE BETTER, you’ll be STRONGER.”

Mobility is one of the biggest issues most athletes, lifters, and everyday warriors face for when it comes down to getting better and faster results.

But, at the same time it’s one of the most overlooked issues.

And what’s crazy is in how when I talk to the thousands and thousands of readers from around the world about what one of the biggest frustrations is, it’s “Mobility”.

So with that, in this post I’m going to talk about how mobility is a critical component within your training (and how “stretching” is actually totally different and shouldn’t be looked at in the same way), plus I’ll lay out a simple 30-Day Mobility Challenge that if you take on will see a DRASTIC change in your overall ability to move in just a month.

And when you move better, your results are going to be better.

Most people generally associate flexibility and mobility as being one in the same.

I for the longest time thought the exact same thing, but it’s important to know that there is in fact a pretty big different between the two that you should definitely know.

To me, the definition of Flexibility is having the ability to lengthen your muscle in a PASSIVE manner through a certain range of motion.

As for Mobility,  I see this as having the ability to move a joint ACTIVELY through a range of motion.

Truth is, Mobility is a MONSTER compared to flexibility as it includes everything from the joint, joint capsule, muscles, and even your ability to control your muscles VS. just involving the muscle.

Why is this even that important?

Well, if all you do is continue to “stretch” your muscles VS. “mobilize”, you’ll do nothing in terms of improving your overall ability to move.

Stretching is a temporary fix that won’t work long term.

YES, stretching will in fact lengthen your muscle for a period of time, but your muscles will soon return to their normal length after your done stretching.

As I said, this does little in terms of improving mobility long term.

To give you a real life example, before I knew any better I would stretch for a good 30 minutes a day hoping to improve my ability to move better.

Some days I would feel OK, while others I would feel even tighter than the day before even after I had stretched for a solid 30-40 mins.

The reason I wasn’t getting any better was because my muscles were simply going back to their normal length, sometimes even tighter than before.

What’s important to note here is in how your stretching is often limited to the actual MOBILITY of your joints.

For example, if you’ve got some seriously tight hips and you’re trying to stretch your hamstrings (which is where a LOT of people have issues with), not only are you going to be limited to what your hips allow, you’re not actually fixing the main problem (which is a tight set up hips)

Instead, you should zero in on getting your hips opened up and loosened which would then help give your hamstrings more freedom to move without restriction.

This is a major point that is overlooked for when it comes to “stretching” and “mobility”.

This is why Mobility is the BIG WINNER here.

You improve the mobility of your joints, you improve your flexibility of your muscles.

It doesn’t work the other way around.

Good news is, true mobility work can be performed at any time.

The best time to performed it is prior to training to get the body prepped for movement.

I for the longest time now have bought in to mobility work BEFORE training at all times as it will improve your overall range of motion so during that particular training session you’ll then be able to perform at that new range.

And when you can perform with a better range of motion (through better MOBILITY), your body will simple become STRONGER because it can now handle better ranges of motion.

And the best part is…  your strength will continue to improve as does you mobility overtime.

As for other BONUSES with improved MOBILITY, you can expect:

-better movement efficiency allowing your to perform movements with less strain which results in you saving more energy so you can train at a higher level for longer
-decreased risk for injury
-eliminates common issues due to poor mobility like low back pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain

To end out, stretching can still be of use after a training session but the results will be minimal at best long term.

You main focus should be on improving your mobility which will prepare your body for actual movement, increase your body’s ability to move through full-ranges-of-motion while having the control to do it. and translate into improved performance and overall health long term.

And now…  The 30 Day Aggressive Mobility Challenge


Step 1: What Movement Are You Trying To Improve Most?

What movement do YOU struggle most with?

The most common include: Regular Bodyweight Squat, Pistol Squats, OH Squat, Barbell Front Squat, the Full Snatch (typically sucks because OH Squat sucks), and Barbell OH Press.

What ever the movement it may be, write it down.

Step 2: Test Your Movement

If you can, film yourself performing the movement you selected to improve.

Try to point out where your biggest flaws are.

Do you have tight hips?


Poor mobility in the shoulders, thoracic / upper back?

Watch yourself move to determine where you’re biggest issues are.

Step 3: In Comes The 60 Second Squat Test

Here’s a secret…  When you improve your ability to Overhead Squat, or simply SQUAT with solid good form and technique, you’ll improve a LOT.

To hit the nail in the head hard, that’s where the 60 Second Squat Test comes in.

It’s simple.

Watch the Video for Details (and you’ll also discover another solid mobility drill as well):

***Do this every day and progress as I noted within the video for the next 30 days and you’ll be well on your way to better MOBILITY.

Step 4: Re-Test Your Movement

After the 30-Days is up, you’ll want to again re-test your movement.

By now you should have seen the improvement overtime (and felt it), but if you haven’t it’s time to re-test and see the difference.

If anything I know for a fact your squat will be a ton better from your hips being more open and mobile.

That right there will help you with a LOT of things.

Here’s to becoming more MOBILE.

POWERFUL Resources to Boost Your Mobility

If you really need some help and want a fully done-for-you program that will transform you into a Mobile and Hostile machine that can move and perform better, I’ve got just the thing.

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It’s called, The Battle Prep Total Performance Training System and it goes into deep detail in how to improve your results through improved movement.

There’s 3 different powerful components which include: The Battle Prep System (Specialized Strength Warm Ups), The Monster Mobility Movement Series, and The Monster Mobility: Resistance Band Mobility System.

This resources would be the PERFECT fit to help you drastically improve your ability to move and perform so you can increase your results over your 30-Day Aggressive Mobility Challenge. 

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Check it out below and let me basically give you my BEST resources for improved mobility and performance  to help boost your 30 day challenge.

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 11.18.15 AMALSO, if you ever have any other specific questions, always feel free to let me know.

Go ahead and take this challenge and let me know how it goes, I’d be happy to hear from you personally right here at theforgedathlete@gmail.com

All the best, and Go H.A.M.