For this week’s Thursday Throwdown I’ll keep the write up short and sweet…

You’ll be finishing off your training session with 5 minutes of Manmakers or as one of my athletes called them yesterday, “Man Breakers”.

He couldn’t be more right…


I took this 5 min bit right out of my Hardcore Workout Finishers Manual as I’ve been implementing a lot of the different finishers from that manual into my athletes training sessions for a couple of reasons…

1 – They freakin’ work great at increasing your work capacity and overall conditioning plus not to mention help shred tons of fat to get you LEAN.

2 – Their FAST and easy to implement into your training session.  Just throw them in at the end!

3 – These finishers will put your mind to the test!

Not only am I after the physical benefits of training 110% H.A.M., but more importantly, I’m after the MENTAL benefits of training 110% H.A.M. as well.

The physical part of training is already a given when you workout, but the mental aspect has to be unlocked and ultimately EARNED.

You must be willing to go beyond your personal comfort zone within your training sessions to unlock your true potential.  NOT everyone is able to do this…

Do you go beyond your personal comfort zone?  Only YOU would know the truth…

So go ahead!  See what YOU can hammer out with this Hardcore Workout Finisher!  How deep can you dig?

I want to see some scores posted up in the comments! 

I want at least 20! 

If there’s isn’t at least 20 of you hardcore mo fo’s out there that hit this throwdown up and post a comment, I don’t think we’ll be seeing another Thursday Throwdown for a while. 


Just not enough participation lately…  Way too much laziness going on…   Not enough ACTION!

Hope to see your score posted below!

Live and Train Aggressive! 

PS – If you want more Hardcore Workout Finishers like this one, there’s more waiting for you HERE.

WARNING: Be ready to get tested not only physically but MENTALLY as well!

Not for the weak at heart!