It’s been a hectic week over at The Forged Athlete, AKA “Train Aggressive HQ” as there’s been lot’s and lot’s of great things going on that I can’t wait to share with you.

For this week’s Thursday Throwdown, the focus was to be short and sweet.

With my own training schedule, most Thursday’s fall on my deadlift day, so the throwdowns I’ve been designing as of late have been geared in around that.

Today’s is no different…

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It looks easy on paper and may of looked easy in the video, but let me assure you it’s wasn’t that easy.  Never is 😉

What I’ll need from you is 100% effort for 7 mins as you’ll be banging out a 7 min AMRAP set of the following 3 movements:

-7 “Front To Back” Alternating Pull Ups
-7 Feet Elevated Suspended Push Ups
-7 Pistol Squats

***A huge tip on this one – As you start to fatigue, try not to burn yourself out***

If you can’t get all 7 reps in one shot, start hitting smaller “mini sets” with short recovery breaks.  You’ll stay a bit fresher and not totally cash yourself out.

This is HUGE as anytime you do an AMRAP based circuit, you should always focus on never going past your point of musculature failure because when you do, you’re setting yourself up for total burn out.

Best tip I can give you that’s helped me improve my ability to do better with AMRAP circuits is to “win small battles” within each set.  I explain this more within the video, but instead of “going for broke”, pace yourself and you’ll get more reps and rounds in the end.

It also helps to be in BEAST-like shape 😉

So, make sure to go hit this week’s Thursday Throwdown up and post up your results in the comments here on the blog! 

Now, something else I wanted to give you within this post is in regards to my new “Greens” Drink Post Workout Shake.

This is something I’ve now been experimenting with for a few weeks now and so far, I’ve felt pretty good about it…

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Instead of my typical protein shake, I’ve swapped that out in exchange for a completely “Green” recovery shake in hopes to help alkalize my body after an intense training session such as my Thrusday Throwdowns.

Anytime you do higher rep workouts and you go near failure, your body builds up a ton of lactic acid, which is both good and bad.

Good because this helps your body build more muscle and burn fat, but bad because now it causes your body to have a higher level of acid in the blood stream.

In a nut shell, our body is constantly trying to keep itself at a solid balanced pH level and when we’re in a more acidic state, our body’s main focus is to buffer out that acid to level out it’s pH level back to a more alkaline state.

When the body is busy doing this, it slows down recovery time.

So what that means is if you’re someone that trains 110% H.A.M. and wants to train more often, we need ways to help speed recovery so we’re able to train at such a high level and more often.

This is the main reason I’ve switched up my post workout drink to a “Greens” recovery shake.

-Coconut Milk
-Coconut Butter
Athletic Greens
-Chai Seeds

I’ll always pop 2 Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules along with my “Greens” recovery shake.

You’ll notice I do not include any protein powder within my post workout shake any longer.  The reason for this is because protein is naturally acidic to the body so adding it in right after a workout will only add to the acid that I’ve just built up from training H.A.M.

Now don’t get me wrong here as I’ll still take in a protein shake or have a high protein meal post workout, but now I’ll wait about 30-45 mins after I take in my “Greens” recovery shake in first to add in protein.

My thoughts are to first try to alkalize the body so it works more efficiently, then add in the protein later for extra recovery.

Like I said, this is something new I’ve been doing and thus far, I’ve seen some great results in regards to increases in energy post workout and increases in overall recovery.

Alkalizing the body has been something I’ve known about now for sometime, but I’ve never really pursued it to such an extend that I’ve been doing recently.

I’m a firm believer in that it truly makes a difference.  There’s people out there with different views on the matter, but this is how I feel about it.

One of the main influences of this has come from the Eating For Energy manual and talkig with Yuri Elkaim.  I’ve been talking about him and his book all week and for good reason – many of the principles laid out within the book WORK!

For me, there’s no doubt that including more “Greens” drinks within your diet will definitely help with increasing your overall results as I’ve just discussed above.

One of my next investments is going to be a Juicer as EFE has a whole section on Juicing.

Many of these natural juice recipes that are found withing the ETE manual have extremely high and powerful alkalizing abilities thus is the main reason why I’ll be getting a juicer.

I’ll be experimenting more with this stuff and sharing my progress with you on into the future, as for now, I would definitely recommend you check out Eating For Energy.

Beside the whole “Greens” drink idea and recovery techniques I’ve gathered from it, it’s loaded with other great principles on how to increase your overall health.

Ultimately for me, it’s about improving my performance for when I train and if you’re like me, I know that YOU too want to improve your performance as well.

It all comes down to your NUTRITION. 

Educate yourself  you’ll keep improving.

Live and Train Aggressive! 

PS – TODAY is the LAST Day to get Yuri’s book, Eating For Energy while it’s still on sale.

Yuri put it on sale specifically  for my fans and readers.

I give it the 110% H.A.M. stamp of approval.

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