This is for all of you Aggressive Livin’ crazy mo fo’s out there…

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Here’s the overview of The Aggressive Lifestyle Challenge:

***The WINNER will receive a LIFETIME Membership To + Some Extra SECRET BONUSES***

In order to be eligible to win YOU must:

  • Submit a short video entitled “Aggressive Strength Lifestyle Challenge” to Youtube
  • In the video tell me HOW you live an “Aggressive Lifestyle”, HOW you go H.A.M. on a daily basis and most importantly, WHY YOU deserve to WIN!
  • Feel free to add in training clips or anything else that you feel is relevant
  • Post the video in the comments below before the Deadline on Sunday the 7th

I truly look forward to ALL of the entries and I EXPECT to see a lot!  DON’T let me down and get your video submitted!

Let’s Go H.A.M.!

Live and Train Aggressive! 

PS – Here’s some old, but very important blog posts that I feel is REQUIRED reading for you…

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>>> The H.A.M. Mindset

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PPS – DON’T miss your opportunity to JOIN The Aggressive Strength Army for less then what it costs for a day pass at your local globo gym…

>>>  30 Day Trial to ONLY $6.95 – LIMITED TIME ONLY

***If you WIN the challenge above, I will give you your investment back***