With the release of my latest training program, The Aggressive Strength Method, there’s been a TON of great feedback from all the bad-ass mo fo’s out there that took action and grabbed the program.  I can’t wait to see and read about the great results to come!

With all the great feedback I’ve received I’ve also received a TON of questions, so I wanted to devote this whole post to answering those Q’s for you peeps out there that sent them in. Some questions are repeats, but what did was try to gather up each and every question I got and answer it.

Bottom Line – If YOU have anymore questions concerning training or The Aggressive Strength Method, post them up in the comments!


Travis, first off, way to show us how to go H.A.M. (I finally figured out what it means!) so hell yeah I’m gonna live it everyday!  So my question was if there are any special nutrition manuals with The Aggressive Strength Method?  Thanks!

No, unfortunately  The Aggressive Strength Method only includes TRAINING but, I have a FREE PDF you can download called Paleo Ripped that I know will help you out big time!

Honestly, eating Paleo is the way to go!  If you want to get strong, ripped, and shredded, follow the basic principles I have laid out within it.

I personally eat a Paleo based diet about 85-90% of the time and use Intermittent Fasting 6-7 days per week.  For IF, I follow the principles laid out within The Renegade Diet and it’s worked great for me.

However, if you’re a younger athlete or someone wanting to strictly build more muscle and strength, fasting might not be the answer for you .  It’s all about trial and error and doing what works for YOU.

Travis, What are the major differences between your Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight System and ASM?  I love the BBB program, but want to know what the difference is.  Thanks and keep showing us how to go H.A.M.

Great question. The major differences in these two programs is that BBB strictly deals with workouts based around blending together the use of sandbags, kettlebells, and bodyweight while ASM includes a little bit of everything + more.

The major difference is that ASM includes use of heavy barbell and dumbbell work where BBB does not.

Both programs will help you build more strength, lean mass, explosive power and both are geared for overall performance and will get you highly conditioned.

I’ll not lie here and be straight up you and say that both programs are very physically challenging and are NOT for the lazy, unmotivated individual.  You will have to WORK HARD with both programs.

While both are very physically demanding in many different ways, it’s tough to say which is more mentally challenging. That would be up to YOU to decide…

Travis, what type of equipment will I need in order to do all of the workouts in your new programs?  All I have access to is an Olympic weight set with 315 lbs of weight, a few DB’s, a Jungle Gym XT, and a 25 lbs weighted vest and a 25 foot old rope.  Will this be enough or will I have to invest into more equipment?

With what you just listed, you would have enough equipment right there.  Only thing I would strongly urge you to get would be some more Olympic Weights to slap on the bar as you will be getting stronger!

Not sure how heavy your DB’s go, but with all the other equipment you have, you should be more then good. If you’re wanting to get stronger, you’ll have to have access to heavier weights eventually.

As I mentioned above, ASM blends together the use of a lot of different strength tools, but if you don’t have say a sled, a sandbag, or even a Jungle Gym XT or TRX, you’ll be able to easily swap out substitute movements in place of the movements you can’t do because of not having equipment.

Bottom Line – Not having a certain piece of equipment should NEVER be an excuse to why you don’t get in a workout.  The weight vest + your own bodyweight is more then enough 😉

Travis, I see there are two different templates that you give within The Aggressive Strength Method booklet.  What are the differences in these and if my goal is to get leaner while not losing much strength, which one should I do first?

Yes, there are two different templates you’ll get within The Aggressive Strength Method.

The first is The Muscle Assault template which focuses more on STRENGTH and LEAN, ATHLETIC MUSCLE GAIN through upper / lower splits.

Here’s an example of the weekly training layout within The Muscle Assault:

Day 1 is Upper Body Strength and Power

Day 2 is Lower Strength and Power

Day 3 is Upper Volume / Endurance

Day 4 is Lower Power Endurance

The other template that’s included within The Aggressive Strength Method is called Attack Mode!

Attack Mode is geared more towards building and maintaining strength while shredding off loads of bodyfat through high intense, fast paced full body routines.

The typical breakdown of training sessions follows a 3 day FULL BODY training split.  Each day focuses on hitting the full body with different movements patterns and specialized routines, so even though your training your full body each session, you’ll be attacking it in a totally different way each time.

Also, in addition to the 3 full body days, there’s strategic “Aggressive Cardio” conditioning days programmed in to help accelerate fat loss and increase overall conditioning and endurance.

Now, to answer this question best, if you’re someone who has a bit more fat to lose (above 15% bodyfat) I would recommend you go through Phase I – III of Attack Mode! first then go through The Muscle Assault phases after.

Simply put – Attack Mode will get you shredded while keeping you strong.  I fact, you’ll probably get stronger and even gain some more lean mass, but the main thing to think about it getting to a lower BF% first before strictly focusing in on mass gain.

When you’re leaner, it’ll be easier to pack on GOOD weight and not fat.

So, if your main goal is to get shredded while not losing very much weight, I would go with the Attack Mode template first.

Hey T!  Program looks freaking cool man!  Just a few questions:  You mention that there are 24 total weeks of workouts for the ASM.  Does this mean there are 24 different weeks with different workouts in each or how does that work?  Also, if I am currently only int the 2nd week of your 28 Day Muscle Formula, should I wait to start ASM until I’m done?

First off, I would recommend you FINISH The 28 Day AFM first before even thinking about starting a new program and here’s why…

The biggest mistake most people make is they get off the current program their doing for a newer program they just saw on the interwebz only after a few weeks of being on it.  I know it’s tough with all of the different programs that come out each week (some good, some complete sh*t and all hype), but my general rule of thumb when it comes to COMMITMENT is to stick with a program for at least 4 weeks before you give it the boot for a new one.  28 days!  That’s the MINIMUM!

Now, once you finish the 28 Day Athletic Muscle Formula, I would say you’re good to go with The Aggressive Strength Method.  In fact, you’ll be more the ready after going through that program!  😉

Now when I say there’s 24 total weeks of workouts within ASM, I mean there are 3 different 4 week phases for each template.  So, if you’re bad at math like me, there’s two templates that last a total of 12 weeks each (when followed right) which gives you 24 total weeks.

If you were to count total WORKOUTS (because I know people like NEW workouts) you’ll be getting a total of 21 highly effective and result producing workouts + a handful more when you add in all of the different options you’ll get with the extra Aggressive Cardio  options you get.

Bottom Line – If all you after is a new workout each and every day, just search the internet for all of the free workouts that are out there and work off of that.  I know for a fact you won’t see the same results as you would by following a consistent and progressive program like The Aggressive Strength Method is.

Travis, I enjoy your blog and Youtube videos greatly.  I do your Thrusday Throwdowns and Hardcore Hundreds every week and I look forward to them.  How can I incorporate those into the Aggressive Strength program?  Or do you have different types of workouts like your Throwdowns you do in the program?  Much thanks!

This is a GREAT question and I actually go into this in further detail within The ASM manual.

What’s important is you don’t overdue it when training.  Most of the Thursday Throwdown’s I do are designed to be a “finisher” to your main workouts as their pretty random, short, and f*cking hard as hell. Their meant to be this way 😉

My main recommendation with this is to use my TT’s and Hardcore Hundreds as “finishers” to your main workouts.

You do NOT need to do one everyday nor do you have to do them on just Thursday’s…  You can use these when ever you choose, but you need to be SMART about it.  If you’re main session includes a ton of conditioning already, there probably won’t be a need to add in a Thursday Throwdown at the end.  It just depends!

This holds true for the Attack Mode training template within The Aggressive Strength Method as I explained above, these sessions already include a lot of high intensity circuits that hammer your conditioning plus many of the sessions already include in a “finisher” within the mix so there’s really no need to add in a Thursday Throwdown in at the end.

If anything, you can do my Thursday Throwdown’s on an off day or on the weekend since most are quick hitters.

Again this all depends on YOU.  If you’re in bad shape and not used to this type of aggressive training, then I would hold back until you build up some more conditioning.

Do you have to do much running outside like on a track or football field with these workouts?  I don’t have access to a field or track to do sprints on.  Thanks for the emails and keep going H.A.M.!

No.  All of the workouts within ASM are gym based.  Whether your gym be at a corporate location, a underground strength type place, or in your garage, you won’t have to use a track or football field.

I would highly recommend you scope out around where you live and find an open field or track so you know where some good spots might be to do sprints and hill sprints.

I recommend you do extra Aggressive Cardio session outside of the main workouts to help you shred up faster as well as improve on your conditioning as well.

Bottom Line – Having access to a football field or track is NOT essential, but it HIGHLY recommended you find one to access for BEST results.

Travis I’m just sort of a beginner to your training methods but I still try to train H.A.M. in my sessions!  Will these workouts be too intense for me or should I wait until I get myself much stronger and bigger before I get it?

Real quick – There’s always somewhere you need to start.

A pet peeve of mine is when people tell me “I’m waiting until I get stronger” or “I waiting until I gain a few more pounds of muscle to start” or the one that pisses me off the most “I need to lose a few pounds first”…

Excuses!  Get rid of them and DON’T use them…

The TRUTH – there’s NEVER a “right time” for anything out there.   The sooner you start the better.

If you’re a COMPLETE newbie beginner my recommendation is to first, MASTER your bodyweight.

After you’re able to handle you’re own bodyweight pretty well you must then make sure you know exactly how to perform the movements within your programs correctly.

Next, progress at YOUR level.

Don’t think that you have to throw a sh*t ton of weight on the bar right off the bat or use the heaviest dumbbells available.

Instead, use weight you can handle and progress with overtime.  Don’t bury yourself with trying to use too much weight.  LOSE your ego.

The Aggressive Strength Method is about progression.

I’m NOT going to sugar coat anything as I lways want to tell you straight up with ZERO BS, ASM is a TOUGH program and it’s definitely NOT for complete beginners.

If you’re a COMPLETE beginner, train with your bodyweight first then I would look into getting started on The ASM.

If you’re someone that’s been training for a while now and you feel confident with your bodyweight movements (like squats, push ups, recline rows, pull ups, lunges, ect) and you’re willing to work hard and commit to a program, you’ll be fine.

The time to go 110% H.A.M. is now! 

So, I hope this clears up a lot of the questions that people had about The Aggressive Strength Method.

I wanted to cover all of the questions I’ve received here in this post because if you’re one of those people that’s sitting on the fence thinking about getting ASM, you’ll definitely NOT want to wait as the DEADLINE is TONIGHT to get ASM for $30 OFF!

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If you have additional questions about The Aggressive Strength Method, post them up in the comments!

Keep Living Aggressive and Get Strong!