I was once a bodybuilder…

I did the usual body part split routines and isolation exercises.

It worked for a while but to be honest with you, it was destroying my inner athlete!

I hated it!

I could feel my athletic abilities slipping away.

While I looked good, I didn’t feel like myself.

I was missing my athletic focused FULL BODY workouts I was used to doing all throughout college.

It got to the point where I trashed the bodybuilding workouts and went straight back to full body, HARDCORE workouts that I have become to love so much.

After doing a show, I learned a lot!

I learned about what real discipline was when I had to aggressively dial in my nutrition for 6 weeks straight.  Things had to be near perfect.

Since then, I’ve still been training hard and my nutrition very clean, but what I have discovered is that I can still train super athletic and still build some serious muscle without having to do it like a bodybuilder.

Now, I throw out all the isolation bull crap and strictly focus in on full body, hardcore, performance based training.

My goals at this time aren’t to build muscle but rather to focus on straight up performance.

I know that if I were to do another show,  I could blow it up training the way I do now!

No questions about it!

Train for Show and Go! Not just for show!

One of the BEST resources I ever got my hands on was Muscle Gaining Secrets by Jason Ferruggia.  There’s a ton of useful tips that are super effective at getting results!

His program is a good resource to use for straight up gains in muscle, strength, and performance!

Then of course, I met Zach Even-Esh who then changed my whole way of thinking towards strength and conditioning.

Now I’m all about implementing what I’ve learned into a nice little system I call “Blend Training”.  I’ve been honing this type of training now for a while and the results I’m seeing are SICK!

I’m currently putting together the program and I’m going to make it available to people that really want to take their training and overall performance to the next level.

Be on the look out for that!

All I can say is that it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before…

Very inovative, effective, straight to the point, HARDCORE training!  The way I like it!

Here’s an example with the Training session I did today…

1A) Burpee Broad Jumps 5 x 5

2A) Combo Sandbag/Kettlebell Squats 4 x 5-8

2B) Modified Hanging Leg Raises 4 x 15

3A) Kossak Squats 4 x 12

3B) Chain Push Ups

3C) Chain Recline Rows

4A) Battling Rope Complex – 15/15 x 4 Rounds

a) Double Whips

b) Quick Whips w/ side shuffles

c) Circles

d) Snakes

This is a great example of a training session that will not only help you get jacked up, but athletic as well.

This pushes your strength, power, and conditioning to the max.  You mental strength will be tested as well so make sure if you attempt this workout, you’re ready for WAR!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Make sure if you’re SERIOUS about training, you join up my League of Hardcore, NO EXCUSES Livin’ Mo Fo’s!

I’ll be letting these people know FIRST when my new system is ready to be unleashed!