With all the recent talk about Judgement Day Training and preparing yourself for anything and everything, I felt it was the right thing to do and post of a FULL BEASTfit Training session plus Throwdown for you below.

The amount of feedback I’ve received over the last week or so has been awesome in regards to parts I and II of Judgement Day Training.  If you missed those, check them out:

Judgement Day Training Part I

Judgement Day Training Part II

This week’s Thursday Throwdown was taken straight from Day# 3 from BEASTfit Phase 3 which is apart of my Aggressive Strength Method – Volume 2 training manual.

This type of training was designed to turn you into a complete FREAK.

The workouts are designed to be punishing, but highly rewarding as you’ll train for strength, power, athleticism and overall conditioning all within the same sessions.

It’s Judgement Day Training at it’s finest and is exactly the type of training I’ve been talking about…

BEASTfit Phase III was one of the tougher phases of training I can remember putting myself through and I was happy when I finally made it.

The truth is that training never gets easier 😉

While you may keep getting stronger and more conditioned, you must continue to push the envelope and keep challenging yourself.

Just know, if training ever gets “easy” for you, you’ve stopped setting the bar higher for yourself.

Now, what I’ve done for you below is first, give you the exact layout of the BEASTfit training session I hit plus the conditioning throwdown portion of the session.

I break each part of the workout down so that you can understand a bit more about “the madness”.

So here’s the breakdown…

1A) Power Clean 7 x 2

1B) Kneeling Jump to Box Jump x 2 after every set of power cleans

***This first superset is ALL POWER and STRENGTH specific.  The power cleans are designed to be FAST and heavy.  The kneeling jumps to box jumps are for pure explosion.  ***You can see the reps are low (2 per set) because when you’re working strength and power, you’re NOT going for fatigue, you’re gunning for quality each set.

2A) Power Clean Pull 6 x 3

2B) Behind the Neck Snatch Push Press 6 x 3

***This next superset is focused more on STRENGTH and POWER assistance work ***The clean pulls are done using a HEAVIER weight then what I typically use for normal power cleans to help me get used to pulling heavier weight from the floor through that range of motion.

***The behind the neck snatch presses are another assistance based strength / power movement which are great to help get me get used to having heavier weight overhead which ultimately help with snatches and overhead squats

***Rest is only 60 secs or so between the movements to keep the pace fast.

 3A) 1 Arm KB or DB Snatch 3 x 20 / arm

3B) Glute Ham Raises 3 x 20 (Weighted is possible)

***The next superset is where I add in some athletic based volume / assistance work.  The 1 Arm Snatches and Glute Ham Raises are excellent movements and  when used with high reps like I programmed them to be here, not only do you work a bit of conditioning, but you get in a ton of volume for these two movements as well.

***While these are NOT pure muscle / hypertrophy movements, you can still build some muscle with the amount of volume being used.

***Just note, the focus isn’t strictly muscle gain in this instance, rather building up a tolerance for these movements at higher reps.

***Rest periods are again limited to only 60 secs between sets to keep the pace fast.

And now for the Throwdown of the session… 

4A) Conditioning – 20 secs goes – 10 secs rest

a)    Hang Cleans @ 135

b)   Push Jerk @ 135

c)    Front Squat @ 135

d)   10 yard sprint / Backpedal

***take one complete round off (30 secs) and repeat circuit 5 total rounds

***This Throwdown is obviously the conditioning portion of the workout and is designed to put your BODY and MIND to the TEST.  I have 135 listed as the prescribed weight to use, but feel free to go for more weight if you think you can handle it

***If you add up the total time, it takes you a total of 12 mins to complete the whole throwdown.  Just exact sweet spot to push you to the limit.

Here’s the highlights from rounds 4 and 5 :

[embedplusvideo height=”168″ width=”250″ standard=”http://www.youtube.com/v/Zd1x4OclRF8?fs=1″ vars=”ytid=Zd1x4OclRF8&width=250&height=168&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep6988″ /]

Like I mention in the video, the ONLY way you can get yourself better is to embrace “that feeling”. 

Most people are scared of “that feeling”.  I’ll admit that at times, I’m scared of it, but I push myself to get through it.

Fatigue makes cowards of us all, but it will be those of us who can look that fatigue in the eye, stand up to it and THROWDOWN with it.

I’ll continue to push as I hope YOU will too.

Go ahead and drop any questions or thoughts below in the comments.  If you hit this Throdown up, don’t be shy, post your numbers up.  I want to hear how you do.

Keep Livin’ and Trainin’ Aggressive! 

PS – If you want to turn yourself into a complete BEAST both body and mind plus be ready for anything, check out The Aggressive Strength Method – Volume II, The BEASTfit phases.

12 Weeks Worth of Hardcore Strength, Power, and Conditioning.