I’m seeking to hire a kickass team member.

Over the past 6 months the growth of my business has nearly
exceeded my ability to keep up.

For this, I THANK YOU for being a part of it.

In order to continue to grow and be able to reach as many
people as I can, I’ll need some HELP.

My short term MISSION is to help build 110,000 Lean and
Mean Badass’ by the year 2016 through effective and
innovative training programs and systems.

So, I’m looking for someone special to join The Aggressive
Strength Team!


In addition, I need someone who’s experienced and savvy with
social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

If you’re knowledgeable in marketing, even better.

You should be smart, have a go-getter attitude, be motivated to
attack life and not afraid to take chances in order to bring SUCCESS.

Basic skills must include:

* Editing and Uploading YouTube videos with a knowledge of how
to incorporate in solid keywords, titles, descriptions, etc.

* Solid writing and grammar skills (an area I LACK in) – no need
to be an expert, but you need to know the basics here

* Strong ability to communicate with people

* Thrive under pressure – you’ll have quick deadlines and need to
be able to do things quickly

You’ll need to have a good working knowledge of the following

* WordPress
* iMovie / Video Editing / Creation Software
* Facebook
* YouTube
* Twitter

Let me be clear – I’m looking for an individual that can work
with my company on a part-time basis with the possibility of full
time work down the road.

JUST NOTE, this is NOT a paying position, but what you’ll learn
from me overtime will be well worth any type of pay you could
ever get.

In the future, pay will become an option, but you’ve got to EARN
it first 😉

To start off, if you’re selected you’ll be doing a 30 day internship.

If after 30 days you’re what I’m looking for and I know you’ll
be a solid addition to the Aggressive Strength Team, we’ll work
from there.

So, if this is YOU, I look forward to connecting with you and
seeing if we can work together.

Young or old – it doesn’t matter.

If you have the qualities I discussed above and you’re HONEST,
possess INTEGRITY,  and DEPENDABLE, there’s shouldn’t be
an issue.

In other words…  if you’re a BADASS, I’ll see it.

Here’s how to apply:

1. Record a short 3-5 minute VIDEO interview of yourself and
upload this to YouTube.

Title it, “Team Aggressive Strength Interview”

This is your chance to hook me in and show me what you got.

Be creative and don’t hold back.

In this video, be sure to include 3 reasons WHY you want to work
with me and why I should consider picking you.

Remember to include a link to this video URL in your
submission/email to me.

2. Your “resume” should only include this video…

I don’t care about where you worked or how much schooling you’ve
had in the past or if you have 12 different certs, ect…

None of that matters.

All I’m concerned with is where YOU want to go and that you’re
110% committed to helping with my MISSION and joining
the team.

In your videos, tell me a few things about what you know about
Facebook and YouTube (besides the obvious).

What would separate YOU from the normal YouTube / Facebook user?

For BONUS points, include the TOP 3 marketing/copywriting
books you’ve read along with any online marketing courses you’ve

This is NOT a requirement, but any knowledge within this realm will
help you out.

A lot of work you say?

Well, if you think this is too much, you’re definitely NOT the right

Just know – I DON’T want any tire-kickers or lazy-asses…

This should be a given.

I’m only looking ONE person who is awesome and committed to
being even more awesome and wanting to be apart of and helping
grow The Aggressive Strength Movement in order to reach more

YOU will become a very IMPORTANT part of “The MISSION”.

3. Please send the above to: no later than Friday the 18th @ 7pm CST

NO late entries will be accepted.

This is YOUR chance…

I look forward to hearing from you.

Live and Train Aggressive!

PS – Please note that this is an ONLINE position, not a training
position for my gym 😉