I was thinking of increasing the intensity a little bit on the first The Bodyweight Gauntlet but, instead I thought I would go ahead and create a new and unique bodyweight gauntlet and just call it The Bodyweight Gauntlet 2.0.

Hopefully you’ve been able to successfully achieve at least a Beast Level on 2 of the 4 movements from the last BWG…

If not, here’s the breakdown of levels you can score on the 1st BWG:

The bodyweight gauntlet

Now, if you haven’t been able to build yourself up to a “proven warrior” just quite yet, I would suggest you stick it out on the BWG 1.0 for now.

Moving forward, I wanted to create another challenge and bodyweight strength measuring tool via The Bodyweight Gauntlet 2.0.

For this one, the rules stay the same:

  • Each Movement gets a 3 min time limit.
  • You’ll rest 1 min in between rounds.
  • Add up your totals in each category to get your ranking.

Instead of using just 4 movements, I decided to go with 5 more advanced movements.  All of these movements are skilled bodyweight movements as you need to possess good overall levels of basic strength, power, mobility, stability, stamina, and overall athleticism.

Here’s the 5 movements I choose:

1. The Bar Muscle Up

2. Cossack Squats

3. Handstand Push Ups (HSPU)

4. Reclined Rows

5. Burpee Box Jumps

These are some of the best but toughest bodyweight movements you can do and I recommend you get very familiar with each one.

Here’s the BWG 2.0 Rankings

Let me just say this; I have a TON of work to do…


Here are my overall scores:

Bar Muscle Ups = 30

Cossack Squats = 114

HSPU = 31

Recline Rows = 47

Burpee Box Jumps (36 inch box) = 24

As I’ve preached before, you can NEVER ever be good enough!  We all need to always be improving and getting better!

Go H.A.M. each and every day – ALL DAY!

I’ll definitely be hitting up both this and the BGW 1.0 every few weeks to see how my progress is coming along.

As far as the movements go, here are some pointers:

Bar Muscle Ups – If you can’t get a full muscle up on the bar quite yet, work on your dips and pull ups like crazy.  With the bar muscle up, there’s a little bit of kipp involved but overall, you need to have a strong upper body for sure.

You should be able to hammer out pull ups and dips before you even get close to attempting a bar muscle up.

Cossack Squats – For these you need straight up mobility.  These aren’t that tough once you get the mobility in the hips fairly good.  The key is sitting your ass back and getting low then driving up through your heels, NOT the balls of your feet.

HSPU – If you can’t hit a handstand push up yet, you need to get yourself there!

Start with pike presses, then move up to front and back wall walks, next do handstand holds, then your hit first HSPU.

These are tough for everyone, especially when you’re breathing heavy…

Recline Rows – Keep your body straight and pull like a mo fo!  Squeeze your shoulder blades tight at the top to engage your back.  Try not to pull with just your arms.

Also, build yourself up to the point where your pulling almost dirctly under the anchor point.  If you can’t, simply walk yourself back further away so your angle is a bit higher.  This will make it easier on you.

Burpee Box Jumps – For these, you just gotta get after it!

Hit a full burpee and as soon as you pop up, go right into the box jump.  If you can’t do this, a normal burpee will do fine but start to focus in on using a box to jump onto.

Start with a 45lbs bumper, then a bench, then a 24in box, then just keep getting high and higher…

It’s all about progression!  Slow and steady will win the race.

See if you can’t build yourself up to ELITE BEAST on the Bodyweight Gauntlet 2.0!!!


Always Living Aggressive and Get Strong(er)!

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