Day 6 of the 12 Days of BADASSNESS

On The Sixth Day of BADASSNESS Travis gave to me…

–> 6 Hang Squat Cleans @ Your Bodyweight (or the heaviest you can handle with good form and technique)

The Squat Clean has got to be one of my favorite hang squat cleanmovements.

Like the snatch, it’s a complex movement and one that takes time to get down, but when you learn how to properly do it, it’s a fun movement to do.

Squats cleans are a great combination of both power and strength that also require you have a good amount of mobility.

Like with a lot of complex barbell movements, if you lack in mobility, you’re going to struggle with the squat clean.

Like with the snatch from day #3, it’s all about progressing ahead.

Check out the video for the details:

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Squat Clean Tips and Tricks:

  • Mobility is everything, especially the ability to get the barbell into “the rack position”
  • For FULL squat cleans, you’ve got to have excellent wrist, shoulder, upper back, hip, and ankle mobility – lack in mobility = problems
  • Bar path is highly important
  • It’s not about getting the bar “higher”, it’s about getting UNDER the bar faster
  • Get better at the Front Squat, you’ll not have many problems with the Squat Clean

Key Squat Clean Progressions:

High Hang Power Clean
High Hang Power Clean + Front Squat
Hang Power Clean
Hang Power Clean + Front Squat
Hang Squat Clean

Squat Clean Swap In Movements:

Double DB or KB or Sandbag or Med Ball Squat Cleans
Single Arm DB or KB Squat Cleans
***Regress to Power Clean if need be

the squat clean
The Challenge for Day 6 of 12 Days of BADASSNESS:

a) 6 x Hang Squat Cleans @ BW (or heaviest weight you can handle with good form and technique)
b) 5 x Thrusters @ heaviest weight you can handle
c) 4 x 20 secs on / 10 secs off Tabata rounds of KB American Swings
d) 3 x Snatch @ BW (or heaviest weight you can handle for a triple)

e) 2 x TGU’s / side @ 70# KB
f) 1 x 25 Burpees

OK, now we’re in it DEEP!

There’s NO turning back now!

We’re half way through!



***Make sure to keep up with your progress by posting up in the comments below!

Live and Train Aggressive!

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