The Hardcore Hundred is back!  You gotta hit this killer full body workout…

So the last few days I have been out in San Diego meeting up with a bunch of other fitness pro’s sharing ideas and going over a ton of TOP SECRET stuff.

In short, I got some KILLER projects coming up very soon that I know will take all of you out there that are 110% serious about building more muscle, strength, and overall athleticism to the next level!

 Can’t wait to unveil this stuff to the world!

In good time….

For now, you’ve got to hit up this sick FULL BODY WORKOUT, which also happens to be the newest Hardcore Hundred!

It’s been a while since I’ve brought this out but since it was a special occasion being in San Diego and all, I had to bring the Hardcore Hundred back.

Overall, my trip was rather interesting….

There was a massive power outage that took place for over 12 hours that hit most of southern California, Arizona, and even parts of Mexico.  San Diego is still pretty interesting even without power.

In short, we got power back and things went back to normal.  I managed to get a few other badass dudes together for this killer full body workout

full body workout

That’s Dan Go, Rob King, and Mike Inscho.  A group a killer dudes!

The Hardcore Hundred we hit was a ruthless full body workout that we did at a nice Crossfit Gym we found close to our hotel.

Big thanks to Crossfit East Village of San Diego for letting us stop by and throwdown! 

They were just in the middle of a BBQ when we rolled up to train (as you can see in the video) and they had peeps walking around with beer, chips, and all the other cookout goodies.

Of course, there were a ton of “nice” gyms around the area we were in but frankly, they weren’t my type of gym.  There was a gym called “Fit Gym” which was more than a night club then a gym.  Pretty damn nice but just not my scene…

When I train, I come to get dirty!  Not look nice!

So here’s the full body workout we hit I’m officially calling, “Freakshow Friday”


1A) 25 Pull Ups

1B) 25 Thursdters 115lbs

1C) 25 Kettlebell Swings 70lbs

1D) 25 Burpee Box Jumps

Hit it in the fastest time possible and post up your results in the comments below! 

Let me know what you favorite FULL BODY WORKOUT is of all time!  Posy em up in the comments!