I’ve got another short and sweet Thursday Throwdown for you that I know you’re gonna love…

If grip strength is an issue with you, this one will be a bit BRUTAL for you…

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For this Throwdown, I used it as a straight up finisher for my Strength Workout.

BTW, if you missed my latest post on Strength and what YOU need to know, make sure to go check that out!

There’s too many guys skipping their strength workouts to do “fun” conditioning sessions instead.  That’s NOT the way to get better results.

Strength should always come in first place 99.9% of the time.

There are exceptions, but that should be your # 1 focus.

Now, let’s talk a bit about this grip focused throwdown…

I’ll be up front with you and tell you that this Throwdown isn’t too cardio heavy.

If you’ve kept up with my weekly Throwdown’s now for a while then you would know that some of these will straight up kick your ass in the cardio department.  This one wasn’t too bad in that regard.

The thing that is going to murder you is the grip aspect of the Throwdown.

Here’s the layout:

3 Rounds of:

15 x Toes To Bar

15 x Hand Release Push Ups

15 x Kettlebell Swings

100-150 ft. DB Farmer Walk

***Rest the same amount of time it takes you to do the circuit***

On paper, this Throwdown looks easy.

When you do it, not so much…

This Throwdown was grip intensive for sure.

The Toes to Bar aren’t too bad when you’re fresh, but in rounds 2 and 3, you’ll feel differently about it.

The push ups serve as a nice break, but as you’ll soon find out, your forearms are still going to be screaming at you.

The kettlebell swings are the worst.  I think for me it was mainly due to the fact that I was using my 70 lbs Skull Kettlebell which has an extra thick handle that makes the grip on it crushing to hold on to.

To really finish off the grip, a heavy set of Dumbbell Farmer Walks does the trick.

To add more to this, I decided to try and use a set of Grip 4orce thick grips on the DB’s for the last round.  I should have tried that on the first when my grip was fresh!

In short, the Grip Force thick grips destroyed me.  In fact, I can still feel the burn in my forearms as I type this blog post out!  LOL.

Bottom Line, this was a great little finisher that served as a good eye opener.  I need to get my grip strength and grip endurance better!

Big THANKS to Jim over at Grip 4orce for sending me the thick grips.  These have been getting some major usage over the last week since we got them in the mail!

If you don’t know how important grip strength is in regards to helping you get stronger overall, it’s super CRITICAL.

I’ve wrote about how important grip strength is in the past HERE.

In short, if you’re weak with pull ups, deadlifting, and even pressing, I would look towards strengthening your grip and I guarantee you that your other lifts will improve.

Also, if you’re looking for a quick way to increase the amount of grip work you get in, invest into a pair of Grip 4orce thick grips and start using them on all of your lifts.

Simply slap these bad boys onto the barbell, onto dumbbells, or put them on the pull up bar before you crank a set of pull ups.

You’ll see a difference for sure.

Either way, give this Throwdown a shot and let me know ow it goes in the comments!   

Keep Living and Training Aggressive! 

PS – Discover BEST Methods on how to BUILD a STRONGER Grip.

Check out the #1 Resource on All things Grip Strength – The Grip Authority