About 6 months ago I met Dennis “Big D” Heenan.

Not sure if he’s ever been called “Big D” before, but that’s what I like to call him as he towers over me by almost a whole foot.

He stand 6’6 and is a lean, mean, jacked up machine and to tell you the truth, I thought he 7mzmkv5aauzttogjp5q7looked just like Clark Kent when I first met him (even has the glasses).

Since then, he’s grown his hair out a bit so lost that effect…

Anyways, when I met Big D, we immediately started talking about training for sports and eventually started talking about sprinting and how we each use it within our training programs.

It was obvious both of us loved sprinting and even though neither of us competed in sports anymore, we both make it a point to get in our sprints one way or another.

I was curious as to how Big D learned his methods to training and wanted to find out more about how he trains himself as well as what he’s done in the past to achieve such great results.

Just the other day I caught up with Big D for an Aggressive Strength Talk Session which I have for you below…

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Within this Aggressive Strength Talk Session, You’ll Discover

  • How Big D gained 30 lbs in just 3 months while being a “hard gainer”
  • Some of the BEST methods to use to help you stay and get athletic while focusing in on gaining lean muscle mass
  • How to add in sprints into your training routine the right way
  • How to properly progress into sprinting if you don’t currently sprinting
  • Sprint swap in’s for when you can’t sprint outside
  • Plus more!

As with most of my Aggressive Strength Talks, I typically ask for a specialized Thursday Throwdown Routine from whom ever it is I’m speaking with.

With this one, Big D shared a quick little high intensity bodyweight + sprint session, but what I did was take the main concepts of the session he gave and I tweaked it up a bit.

Just just what I do 😉

Below I share with you the little Sprint Throwdown Challenge I put together (I sent this out to my Aggressive Strength Newsletter the other day)

The Football Sprint Throwdown:

To start off, make sure you have a timer and you get yourself properly warmed up.

When you’re gonna crank some sprints, this is a must.

You’ll want to try and find a football field to sprint on to keep track of distance.

What you’ll be doing is starting on the goal line.

From the goal line, sprint 40 yards ALL OUT.

Do a very LIGHT jog back to the goal line for rest and as soon as you hit it, crank out the following circuit AFAP:

a) Burpees x 10
b) Plyo Push Ups (AKA clapping push ups) x 10
c) Squat Jumps x 10

After your last rep, again sprint 40 yards ALL OUT.

This time, instead of  jogging back to goal line, stop at the 20 yard line and continue to repeat this circuit until you go all 100 yards across the field.

You keep sprinting 40 yards until you can’t go 40 as once you hit the opposite 20 yard line, you’ll go down to a just 20 yard sprint to bring it all home for the WIN.

At that point you won’t mind doing a shorter sprint anyways. 😉

Your goal is to “SCORE” and get across the field in the fastest time possible.

Just make sure if you get a bit fatigued that you rest up a bit longer in between rounds for your sprints because you want these babies to be ALL OUT or as close to ALL OUT as can be.

You’ll get it tired, but this is when YOU Gotta 110% H.A.M.

This little sprint / bodyweight throwdown took me just a little bit under 10 mins to complete and after I was done, I was feeling it.

Even though it was about 95 degrees outside, it’s these types of workouts where you get your butt outside, under the sun, in the fresh air moving around.

You feel free and it feels amazing and I’d take this hot and sweaty mess of a workout over a air conditioned session in a big globo box gym any day!

Wouldn’t you??

Now, I wanna make a little deal with you here…

If we can get 100 LIKES on this post to show that YOU love training outside with bodyweight movements and sprints, I’ll share another sample High Intensity Bodyweight + Sprint routine with you on my next post (I won’t lie, I stole it from Big D).

BUT, we’ve got to get to 100 LIKES +paperbackbookstanding-2-226x300

Sound like a deal?

Let’s make this happen and if you want to share some of your own sprint / bodyweight routines below, drop them in the comments.

Live and Train Aggressive!

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