Training is back to full effect since the Crossfit Regionals ended just
a few weeks ago.

Even though I didn’t make top 3 within my Region to secure a spot
to compete in The Crossfit Games, I’m still training 110% H.A.M.

That’ll never stop 😉

My focus now is to obviously get myself stronger and into even
better shape for next year, but to also to help get my training
partner onto the podium at the Games this year.

I’ve had the privilege of training with 2012’s 3rd Fittest Man, Kyle
Kasperbauer for the last year or so and it’s been a trip.

Each and every session we push each other to the brink.

Even though he might beat me 7 out of 10 times, it’s nice to have
that “push” every single session.

I know it’ll only make me better and just as the quote from Proverbs

27:17 states: “Iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

It’s the TRUTH.

If I was to easily win every one of my training sessions it
wouldn’t be getting me any better nor would it get Kyle better.

That’s why it’s always important to surround yourself with people that
will get you better.

Either way, I thought I’s share the “grinder” session that we did for one
of our workouts yesterday.

This one was a bitch 😉

I call it a “grinder” because it’s one of those workouts that lasts a bit
longer in duration that you really have to dig deep and push hard to

Typically anything that last over 12-15 mins could be considered a

For example, take a look at your traditional strength based “metcon”
set up which would typically last 10 mins or less.

A simple example of this would be something like a 20-15-10 of
Deadlift and maybe a Push Press.

You’d get fatigued, but could more than likely hold a higher speed
pace throughout the whole session.

But, when it comes to getting yourself through a grinder, it’s a bit


If you want to get through it fast, you need to take it slow.

In other words, you need to PACE yourself a bit more VS. going full
steam ahead for the whole workout.

When you go ALL OUT with no sense of “pace” you’ll burn yourself out
quick and instead of going faster, you’ll actually end up going slower.

To show you what I mean, let me share with you what we did yesterday…

Here it is:

9-15-21 Of: Snatch @ 155 (FULL squat snatch)
2000-1000-500m Of: Row
Alternate between the 2 movements starting with the snatch, ending
with a row in ascending order.
Now, if you were to try and go balls out from the get-go, you might
get yourself through the 9 reps of the snatch unbroken, but you’d soon
find yourself totally wrecked.Same goes with the row.
My strategy going in was this:
-3’s on the snatches for as long as I can handle
-80-90% pace on the rows until the final 250m of each round then go
-finish of the final 500m Row ALL OUT (empty the gas tank baby!).
My final time on this was right around 22 minutes and like I said, it was

When I got onto the round of 15 snatches, I did my first few reps of 3
unbroken then quickly went to singles.

Instead of trying to blow through 3 unbroken reps and rest, I’d do one rep
then drop the weight and repeat without a rest.

This type of “pacing” ended up being faster doing single reps VS. 3 or
more at a time because my movement was more constant.

That’s where it truly became a “GRIND” and when constant movement
becomes the key.

Because when you’re constantly moving, it’s always going to be better

then if you were to be standing around resting ;)Just little tip for you
if you’re a “competitive exerciser”.

Either way, give that one a go.

If you don’t have a rower, just swap in some runs of 1200m,
800m, and 400m instead to keep that cardio aspect in there.

Of course you can always regress down in weight and difficulty of
movement for the snatch if you have.

It should always be relative to YOUR fitness level.ALSO, just make
sure that not all of your sessions are “grinders” like this one.

While these are great at pushing your overall conditioning to new
heights, they’re NOT the best for getting your stronger over the
long run.

For that you’ll ALWAYS want to have some sort of strength based set
up you’re doing first.

For example, before I hit that session up I did some heavy power
cleans + front squats for strength.

9 times out of 10 I hit some sort of strength based movement FIRST
before I hit up any type of conditioning work.

That will always help you in the long run.

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