I hit some HEAVY deadlifts in my workout the other day mixed with some high rep snatches.  I then followed it up with two sets of high rep deadlifts to add in some more volume as well as test my overall capacity.

The CrossFit Regionals are coming up quick and the workouts they have in store are not for the faint at heart.  I will need to have my sh*t together or I will get absolutely CRUSHED.

For this weeks Thursday Throwdown, I ‘ve got a nice Grip and Ab Finisher for you as this one will test both your core and grip a ton as you’ll see in the video…


This one is real basic – 3 movements done in a row all focusing on the core and grip.

1A) Heavy Kettlebell Orbitals x 20 each direction

1B) Band Knee Tucks x 15 / side

1C) Rope Hangs x max time

Your goal is to accumulate as much time as you can with the rope hangs in 3 rounds.

I did this 3 total rounds and got :52, :58, and :57.   Damn I wanted to break a minute!

Gotta get a stronger grip!

Total time was 2:49 secs while using a black performax band for the knee tucks and a 80 lbs ketllebell for the orbitals.

I think I would had easily  gotten a min plus if it wasn’t for the high rep deadlifts and snatches earlier in the session.

Overall, this is a fast and easy way to get in some quality grip and core work.

Now, if you don’t have a kettlebell, it will be a bit tough to get in your orbitals, or as some people call them “around the worlds”.  You could swap it out with a heavy weight plate that has handle, but a kettlebell works best.

For the knee tucks, just get them done with or without a band.  The band will add some big time tension to your core and make the movement very challenging.

And for the hangs, you can hang from anything.  Pull Up Bar, Rings, Ropes, a Cliff… 

If you don’t have ropes, you can throw a few towels over a pull up bar and do towel hangs.  This will add that difficulty to the grip.

In fact, I would suggest you start doing more pull ups and climbs with towels and other grip challenging implements.

Rogue Fitness has come out with quite the collection of grip training implements lately.  I’ll do a whole blog post about those here soon.

For now, hit this Thursday Throwdown up and see how much time you can accumulate on the hangs.

Post up your results and thoughts in the comments below.