So, would you like to know a quick little secret on how to increase your overall results within your training?

Who the hell wouldn’t want to know this?

Stupid question…

So, last week my friend and fellow strength coach, Mike Whitfield opened up Pandora’s box and sent me a little “workout finisher challenge” in which I gladly accepted and took on with a head full of steam…

There were well over 30 people that submitted times and even videos of this little challenge, but I didn’t want to end the fun there as these little workout finishers are a diamond in the rough and a MUST HAVE within your training program! 

Any serious lifter out there should be implementing finishers into their training sessions.  There are an endless amount of ways you can add in finishers to your programming, but you want to make sure there is some “method behind the madness”.

My buddy Mike Whitfield has 33 Battle Tested Finisher Workouts that have already been proven to work that specifically target in on your ABS and CORE.

Anyways, I have such a love for personal challenges and finishers that I decided to create a bunch of HARDCORE AB Finishers (AKA open Pandora’s Box), but I’m going to be keeping these babies in hiding for now…

BUT…  I didn’t want to keep all of these bad boys locked away as that would just be wrong and hell, I LOVE to share the crazy sh*t I’m doing to helps get my athletes and clients results so below, I’ve got a sample Hardcore Ab Finisher for all you crazy mo fo’s out there…


As you can see, I picked 3 different highly core focused movements.

The set up goes like this:

1A) Heavy Weighted Barbell Rack Carry – This really works the abs as you have to hold the weight in a static position while you walk – very challenging…  More challenging then this looks  Especially on round #3 after you’ve done the circuit a few times already…

1B) Toes to Bar – This is a Power Based Core Movement in which you use a bit of momentum to help initiate the movement, but overall you’re still integrating the core to a great deal.  These are different from your typical hanging leg raises which are also a very effective ab training movement.

1C) Full Body Wheel Roll Outs / Wheel Rollouts – Nothing works your overall core strength then a full body roll out.  This movement hits your core, shoulder, legs, everything!  It’s a great way to finish off the tri-set.  You gotta LOVE wheel roll outs!

By the end of this circuit, you’re whole body is fried and the best part, you worked your core a sh*t ton! 

ab finisher

I looked at the clock and this little circuit only took me about 2 mins so if you were to implement this in at the end of your workout for 3 rounds with just 45-90 secs rest as I did, you would only be adding in an extra 10-12 mins or so.  Lots of bang for your buck in a little amount of time! 

Now if you’re someone who is less advanced, there are some regressions to these movements as well…

1A) Weighted Carries – Use a Sandbag, DB, or Kettlebell in the front “rack” position for weighted walks.

1B) Power Core Movements – Regress to Knees to Elbows for the toes to bar or for other full body power movements, do DB or Med Ball Chops, Kettlebell Swings, Battling Rope Power Slams, Sledge Hammer Swings, ect.

1C) Roll Outs – If you can’t do a regular wheel roll out, do Walk Outs (AKA Inch Worms) for a regression or simply do Weighted Planks or other plank hold variations.

Hitting three different movements like this will light your core up for sure!

Now, like I mentioned before, my buddy Mike has already field tested 33 of these for you to unleash into your own training program ASAP which he just released in his new manual, 33 Ab Finishers

I put the 110% H.A.M. approval on these bad boys and I highly recommend you check them out!

Go ahead and post up any questions or thoughts you may have in the comments below and I’ll help you out!

Keep Livin’ Aggressive and Gettin’ Strong!

PS – Before I go, let me give you a little spoiler for all the people out there that don’t know how real core training works…

F*cking STOP with the endless amounts of crunches and sit ups!  I can’t tell you how many people have emailed me asking why I don’t do ab specific work…  Just about ALL the movements I do in my workouts are an ab movement…

This manual is FULL of them and will take out ALL the guess work    ================================>

PPS – Also, the ONLY way to ever get completely shredded is in the kitchen and the good news is… Ab Finishers speed that process up!  😉

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