Time to kick some tail!

For those of you out there that are athletes, pay close attention to this post!

This weeks Hardcore Hundred is all about building POWER and EXPLOSIVENESS.

If you’re an athlete in ANY sport, it’s CRITICAL to have high levels of power and explosiveness.

The more power you have, the faster you’ll be.  It’s just natural.

Power helps with many things.

The problem most athletes run into when they train for power is that they tend to OVERDUE it.  Training for power can be tricky.  Doing too much can backfire on you.

Lots of athletes misinterpret conditioning for power training.

People use high rep jumps, Olympic lifts, med ball throws, tosses, sledgehammer swings, and other similar power movements too much in circuits which will ultimately tax your conditioning more than it will for your power developement.

Doing too little power training and training “slow” can also have the same effect in decreasing your power output.

What we want to do is do just enough.

A key idea to keep in mind when power training is to make sure and be as EXPLOSIVE as possible on each rep you do.  You want to be able to work at FULL SPEED.

If you train at submax speed while moving, a la trainig with heavy weights, you’ll become slow overtime.

You may get stronger, but you will get used to moving slower, which in the end will result in taking away from your overall explosiveness.

Keep HEAVY training in your program but make sure to supplement with EXPLOSIVE jumps and plyometrics!


For this particular Hardcore Hundred, I choose 4 different plyometric type movements:

Kneeling Box Jumps, Step Box Jumps, Plyo Push Ups, and Plyo Pull Ups.

My focus was to hit low rep sets with as much explosion as possible in a circuit fashion.

I started the circuit off with some kneeing jumps, which are an awesome movement to use to help increase explosiveness that I like to throw into my warm up each time I train to fire my hips up and work on explosion.  I usually throw in 10-15 reps of these and no more.

Next, the step box jump is an awesome movement to work both athleticism and power.  Instead of your typical standing box jump, you take a step and jump with a little momentum.  With these, you can mimic being in a game like situation where you are jumping up to catch a ball, defend a pass, ect.

Then I hit 5 plyo push ups and 5 plyo pull ups.  Both of these are great at building upper body pushing and pulling power.

This is a great Hardcore Hundred to throw in before an actual workout.  It lights up your nervous system and gets you fired up to train!  But you can also hit it as its own workout in it own right.

The key is to remember is to be as explosive as possible!  Rest if you need to but make sure to go all out and get after it!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


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