It’s that time of the week!  We have ourselves another Hardcore Hundred!

This time I coming at you with a Barbell Complex Hardcore Hundred!

This Hardcore Hundred was NOT easy!  It was tough!

I used this right after my main workout which consisted of some HEAVY Front Squats and Kneeling Jumps.

I kept it short and sweet.

I’ve been testing out a new program where I’m training both in the AM and PM mixing up different things.  Thus far I feel great!  More on that in a later post….

For The Barbell Complex I hit made up more than enough for the short session!

The fact is, if you’re ever short on time, barbell complexes are one of the absolute BEST options you can choose to get in a full workout.

They build great levels of conditioning and will toughen you up good!

I can remember first doing barbell complexes back in high school after wresting practice.  Our coach would have us get with a partner, put some weight on the bar and go!

We would usually hit about 4-6 movements for anywhere around 5-10 reps a piece without setting the bar down.

After you finished your reps, you would hand the bar off to your partner and he would attack the complex as well.  We would do about 3-4 rounds a piece.

What I mostly remember is them being BRUTAL!  At the time, I never new why we did them, but now I do!

Barbell Complexes save time, require little equipment, and will give you one hell of a training session!

You can’t be a wuss with these!  You’ve got to tough them out!

When your grip starts to slip, forearms start to tire, your legs and shoulders start to burn, and your lungs feel as if their on fire, you’ve got to tell yourself…

“GO H.A.M.!”

No other way around it!   Here goes….

Hardcore Hundred – Barbell Complex


Do 4 Rounds:

1A) Power Clean x 5

1B) OH Squat x 5

1C) Behind the Neck Push Press x 5

1D) Back Squat x 5

1E) Deadlift x 5

Have fun with this one!

For those of you out there looking for a full on “Battle Guide” that gives you more than 30 HARDCORE Barbell Complexes, you may want to check out Barbell Battlefield.

You can find out more info by CLICKING HERE.

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