I get the question a lot from people wanting to know How to get a KILLER Mindset?

I unleash the TRUTH within the video below…

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I didn’t always have a “KILLER mindset” in fact, I used to be afraid, timid, and lacked confidence.

Over the years of training and getting myself stronger PHYSICALLY, Ive been able to also build up myself MENTALLY as well.

While I’m still not as mentally “tough” as I know I can truly be, I can look back at how I used to be mentally compared to how I am now and there’s a complete difference.

Bottom Line – It takes time to build up mental toughness, you don’t just one day wake up and you’ve got mental toughness.  You’ve got to build it up over time and EARN it.

Earn it by pushing yourself within your training sessions, facing your fears, taking risks when you know there’s a chance for failure, doing things that make you extremely uncomfortable, bringing on challenges, and simply just taking more action! 

Only YOU hold to key to to increasing your overall amount of mental toughness and only YOU have the power to unleash it within your own mind.

I would like to hear your thoughts and feedback on this.  Post up in the comments section below.  What types of major barriers have you had to fight through in your life?  How have YOU earned more mental toughness over the years?  What will you do to build more mental toughness?

Keep Living and Training Aggressive!