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Now, let’s get rollin onto today’s Mentality Monday message…


Hope you’re ready to get back into the swing of things so you can kick more ass and bring home more success.

If you’re not eager to kick ass and attack life both in and out of the gym, you might be in the wrong spot so make sure to check yourself 😉

Today, I’ve got a POWERFUL mental technique I want to talk to you about that when used right, can help you DOMINATE your goals and bring in more success with anything it is you do.

It’s the concept of “Acting As If”.

I’ve mentioned this concept a bit in past newsletters and I wanted
to talk about it again because it’s that powerful.

It’s important to know that this concept it so powerful that it works BOTH ways in regards to being good and bad for you.

It can be good in the fact it will bring POSITIVE thoughts and behaviors your way, but also bad as it can bring negative thoughts and behaviors your way (which is how most people use this without ever even knowing it!).

So, what they heck is “Acting as If”???

Well, it’s a concept of doing exactly as it states “Acting as If”.

For example, let’s say you wanted to be like Michael Jordan…


In order to become more like Mike, you’d want to start “acting as if” you were already Mike.

So what do this mean?

Well, the number one thing would be that you’d start to do the
things necessary to WIN.

In other words, you’d start to THINK more like Michael Jordan.

You’d eat like Mike.

You’d train like Mike and you’d definitely start practicing basketball more.

You WOULDN’T slack off because that not something Mike would do.

You wouldn’t QUIT because that’s not something Mike would do.

You wouldn’t eat like sh*t because that’s not something Mike would do (at least I don’t think he would).

Hopefully you get what I’m saying here.

So, HOW does this apply to you?

Well, it applies to you more than you know.

It’s all about how you THINK.

Another example for you…

Let’s say you want the body of an MMA fighter.


One that is ripped, strong, and highly athletic.

If that’s something you want, you’d have to start acting as if you already had it.

So, you wouldn’t eat like sh*t.

You wouldn’t go out 4-5 days a week and booze, smoke, or sleep in every day.

You wouldn’t continue to come up with excuses and miss workouts so
you could get away with being lazy…

That’s NOT what an MMA fighter would do who had a body like that.

He would make time to fit in his workouts.

He’d make damn sure he was eating right and drinking enough water each day.

He’d get to sleep early and make the daily sacrifices he’d have to make to be a success.

I hope this is starting to make sense.

So how do YOU apply this?


Look at what it is you want to achieve and start acting in according
to that goal.

Do the things you need to get done on a daily basis and do them.

For example, you choose to sleep in instead of getting up early to
fit in your workout.

Stop yourself and THINK, “Am I acting in accordance to my goal of
If not, then you’re NOT acting as if.You say you want to have a ripped up body, but you continue to have “cheat meals” 5-6 times a week…
You’re NOT acting in accordance with your goal.Get the picture?

Now, let switch gears a bit and say you are acting in accordance to
your goals, but you fail or you make a mistake.

If you QUIT, it then becomes the same thing…

You’re NOT acting in accordance to your goal.

If you were “acting as if”, you wouldn’t quit.  You’d find a way to
get sh*t done.


This mental technique of “acting as if” has been a POWERFUL method
of thinking that successful people have been using for YEARS.

And like I mentioned in the beginning, most people use this way of
thinking without ever even knowing it which is why it’s so damn
good and bad at the same time.

For instance, if you doubt yourself on a daily basis and think of
yourself as a loser or a failure, guess what…

You’ll ACT AS IF YOU’RE A LOSER.The same thing will happen but in a POSITIVE way if you continue to believe in yourself and see yourself as a BADASS.

The bottom line is to THINK positive no matter what!

Hopefully you’ve been able to grasp this concept because I know it can and will change your life.

Feel free to drop a comment below with any feedback you might have about this as I love to hear back.

Here’s to having an awesome week.And remember, you’re a WINNER so act like it 😉

Live and Train Aggressive!