In my interview with Navy SEAL Badass Brad McLeod, I asked him if he would be sol kind to share or come up with a throwdown I could use for my weekly Thursday Throwdown.

deadlift workoutWhat Brad shared with me was a workout that he calls “Bradley”.

It’s laid out as such:

5-10 Rounds Of:

5 x Pull Ups
10 x Push Ups
15 x Squats
200 m Run
A great workout for sure, but I wanted to add in a few “forged” extra’s of my own.

I made the following modifications:

5 Rounds of:

5 x Thick Bar STRICT Pull Ups
10 x Ring Push Ups
15 x PVC Pipe OH Squats
1 x Deadlift
200m Run

I go over the full details within the video as well as drop a few tips and tricks on how to get STRONGER with workouts like Bradley and such.

Check it out.

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If you crank this out, let me know in the comments how you do.

Note the weight you use on the Deadlifts and your total time.

As always, make sure to Go 110% H.A.M.

Live and Train Aggressive!

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Included are behind the scenes videos of “The Grinder” at BUD/S plus an interview with an ex-Navy SEAL badass

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