What up all!

I’m still down here in the great Country of Brazil helping athletes better their abilities.

During the day, my friend of course works, which leaves me car-less

If I had a car I could probably make it to a local gym and sneak a workout in BUT I don’t need that!

You should know me by now!  😉

I wouldn’t know my way around this city any ways!  I would get lost for sure!

I knoew this would probably happen so I came prepared!

I brought my trusty TRX Suspension Trainer.

I figured I would be showing the athletes here how to use it so I might as well use it right NOW!

Check out my NO Excuses TRX Workout straight from Brazil!

I hit a single strap TRX workout you need to try!

It’ll improve athleticism, strength, and power!

I did 30-15 work sets!

This is a KILLER!

My legs were still feeling the game as I got fatigued in the 2nd set!

I’m still pretty beat up from the game!

Check it out though!

No Excuses TRX Workout:

1A)  1Leg Burpee

1B) 1 Arm Row

1C) 1 Arm Push Up

1D) 1 Leg Squat Jump

1E) 1 Arm Face Pull

1F) Handstand Push Ups

This was TOUGH!

Especially in the Brazillian HEAT!

Now I can say I trained on my TRX in Brazil!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Please be sure to spread the word!

My goal is to build up a League of HARDCORE, MEAN Mo Fo’s!

Help join me!