What’s up!

I often get asked by people that train in my gym and lots of people through email about how I manage to stay in such great shape (I don’t even consider myself in that great of shape – so THANKS to those that think so!).

People ask how I can abstain from so many different things and follow such a strict plan.

People are also very quick to assume that I’m perfect with my eating and I NEVER eat anything remotely bad or ever drink a sip of alcohol.  How could people think that I never have slips ups or mistakes when it comes to eating and overall nutrition??  I assure you I’m NOT A ROBOT.

First off, what kind of life would that be if I were to never vere off the unbeaten path a little bit and have some fun eating fine foods and throwing back spirits with friend?

Well, in this post I wanted to unviel to you that YES, I am human just like you and NO I’m not a robot that eats nothing but chicken breast and steamed broccoli.

In fact, I’m VERY Human and like to have my fun!

Just because I’m a strength coach that owns my own gym, who trains serious people, and that also LIVES TO TRAIN to stay strong and good shape doesn’t mean I don’t face the same problems you and everyone else faces.

Yes – Food taste F-ing good!

Yes – I too have friends that like to drink and party it up!

Yes – I face the same temptations you face as well!

There’s just one major difference that separates the people that are in PHENOMINAL SHAPE and people that WISH they were in shape…

It’s called DISCIPLINE…

And there’s some other thoughts and mindsets that come along with Discipline called – SACRIFICE, COMMITMENT, and having the DESIRE to be healthy and strong.

Not all people have the same wants and desires.  For me, I preach about being strong, training your ass off, and living a healthy life so I LIVE IT MYSELF.

If I didn’t follow my own word I would be a hypocrite and not worth 2 cents.

I’m not saying I’m in the absolute BEST shape or better than anyone else, I’m just addressing the cold hard TRUTH:

If you want to be STRONG, RIPPED, SUPER ATHLETIC and HEALTHY – you’ve got to WANT IT and be DISCIPLINE enough to follow through with it.

I’ve got a long way to go to hit my overall goal to be where I want to be health wise and for that, I know it will be a life long journey.  What most people aren’t willing to do is COMMIT to this life long journey.

The problem most people have when it comes to training and NUTRITON is they talk but they don’t walk.

You don’t have to be a robot to make it happen.  Just determine what you’re overall goals are and if you want them bad enough, be DISCIPLINE enough to get sh*t done!


For me, I’ve made nutrition rather simple as I’ve found something that has fit into MY lifestyle that works.  I’ll admit that my plan won’t work for everyone.  What you need to do is find what works best for YOU.

For me, I go Paleo Monday thru Friday and most of Saturday and Sunday.  I’ll have CHEAT MEALS on Friday night or Saturday night usually.  I may go out and have a few drinks here and there on Saturday’s with friends.

The problem most people are running into and not even realizing it is that they eat like shit on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday and think it’s OK because it’s the weekend…

Well guess what – That’s 43% of your week which means you FAILED. If you were in school and missed 43% of your test, you get a big ass F.

That’s why you have to stay discipline 90% of the time!

Sometimes I’ll go ALL week without a cheat meal depending on whats going on.  But when I cheat, I CHEAT!

Check it out:


Now, that’s a hell of a meal + dessert!  When you eat healthy 90% of the time during the week and TRAIN YOUR ASS OFF, you can let loose a little bit and not worry too much about it.

My best advice is this:

-Find a meal plan or a bunch of healthy recipes LIKE THESE that are healthy but work with YOUR lifestyle
-Eat LEAN and CLEAN Monday – Friday Evening, Saturday Morn, and All of Sunday OR choose either Friday night, Saturday night or Sunday night to eat like sh*t – just do 1-3 meals MAX all week!!!  Anything more than that is too much!                                              -BE DISCIPLINE – if you’re not – DON’T BITCH about being out of shape and weak.

Let’s hear your thoughts about what you eat for CHEAT MEALS and also what your doing NOW to eat healthier to get LEAN and MEAN.

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!