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Hope you’re enjoying yourself and continuing to improve in all qualities of life each and everyday!

I’ve got a few sample meal plans for you that you can model to use in your life to get super lean and mean.

I follow a carb rotation type diet to stay lean year around.

Over the years of trying various different types of meal plans and “diets”, I discovered this way to be the best.

Like I said, it keeps me lean,  around 7-8% BF  year around and then when I really want to crank it up, I go extreme (paleo or caveman style w/ no sugar or starchy carbs) for a week or so to cut that final 2-3% to really look shredded.

I’ve got a few different days I’ll post below – A Workout Day (High Carb Day) and then a Off Day (Low carb)

Ok – Here’s what I ate on Friday which was a tough workout day:

Breakfast: Prograde Workout w/ 1 cup steel cut oats mixed w/ water

Mid Morning Meal: 4 Cage Free Eggs, 4 Cage Free Egg White, Chopped Spinach, fresh salsa, 2 Slices of Ezekekial 4:9 bread

Post Workout Drink: Prograde Workout

Lunch: 3 cups steamed brocoli, 9oz chicken breast, salsa, 2 slices of Ezekeial 4:9 bread

Mid After noon snack: Lara Bar x 2 sometimes 3 😉

Dinner: tons of steamed veggies mixed, grilled salmon, salsa

Here’s what I ate on last Thursday, an off day:

Breakfast: Prograde Lean

Mid Morning Meal: 6 Whole Omega 3 Cage Free Eggs, 2 egg whites, salsa, spinach, chopped mushrooms, green peppers

Lunch: Large mixed greens salad topped with ground turkey, salsa

Mid Afternoon snack: 2 large handfulls of mixed nuts

Dinner: Lots of steamed veggies, grilled chicken breast topped w/ salsa

Late night snack: bowl of cottage cheese w/ 1 scoop of Prograde Lean

That’s it!

Pretty boring and regular but it will shred you up quick if you can stick to it!

Of course on the weekends I have a few indulgences here and there otherwise it just would be worth living life!

On the weekends, typically Saturdays, I’ll make it a nice cheat day.  Anything goes but then Sunday I try to get back at it.

But then of course sometimes things can turn into a whole cheat weekend!

That’s  ok if you are 90% clean and mean throughout the week with your nutrition though.

I hopes this helps you out on your journey to being LEAN AND MEAN!

Until next time, enjoy this song by Ice Cube….  Classic….


Sometimes you just gotta chill and enjoy your time…

Get Forged Strong!