I have many LOVE/HATE relationships.

One of them is with COMPLEXES.

While I simply HATE them I love them at the same time because complexes are good for so many different things.

Complexes will build strength, muscle, power, some serious conditioning, and not to mention some big time mental strength.

Complexes are all in one.

There’s literally an infinite amount of different complexes you can do.

For this particular Thursday Throwdown I picked out a nice little Dumbbell / Kettlebell complex to hit up.


I’ve been having my athletes hit this complex up now for the last 3 weeks.

It’s fun to see how they’ve progressed over the weeks at getting better at the movements and improving overall.  At the same time, it’s also interesting to see how they attack and just get after it.

The truth is, complexes with bust you up both mentally and physically!

They are not meant to be easy!

Rule of thumb…

If you hit a complex up and it’s easy, you not going hard or heavy enough.

I would suggest to hit a complex at least once a week.

You can use a variety of different tools:

  • dumbbells
  • kettlebells
  • barbell
  • med balls
  • sandbags
  • kegs
  • logs

You can also use a vairety of rep shcemes as well to change things up.

Use reps of up to 20 per movement for some serious conditioing work or go down to as many as 3 reps for strength work.

With comlexes, you’ll be hitting your entire body…

Your legs with get hammered, shoulders with start to burn, and your grip will suffer!

Complexes are also a great way to work your core as well.

Bottom Line – Complexes Hardcore Apporved!

I love complexes so much that I created a special manual all about them…

Barbell Battlefield contains over 30 different and unique complexes that can easily be used with any of the strength tools I mentioned above.

Besides all the differnt sample complexes I include, I also dig into the nitty gritty of complexes and talk about HOW and WHEN to use them properly.

On some serious talk…  If you looking to build up some KILLER mental and physical strength, check out Barbell Battlefeild.




Make sure to post up your results from this KILLER complex in the comments OR on my Facebook Fan Page!  

I did 5 rounds with 70 lbs dumbbells in 10:10 which I was upset about.  I was shooting for a sub 10 min time.

Now I have a time and I’m going to hit this next week and get under 10 mins!


Live Aggressive and Get Strong!