So typically when you train for more strength you usually to train for it at the beginning of a session when you’re fresh so you can focus on good form, technique, and HIGH quality reps.

That’s “typically”.

Now, if you want an advanced method to train for more strength that will not only push you physically, but mentally as well, it’s time you try something I like to call “Reverse Strength”.

Here’s a video that explains more about the details on what I’m talking about…

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Main Keys of “Reverse Strength”:

1 – Train HEAVY While Tired (typically at the end of a session right AFTER your conditioning has been completed and your heart rate is still jacked up through the roof)

2 – Focus on using compound movements like squats, overhead presses, deadlifts, and the different Olympic Lift variations.

***You’re NOT just limited to these movements as you can use what ever you choose, but those main movements work best.

3 – Only use “Reverse Strength” finishers every so often.  I feel that TWO x’s a week with different movements each time is MORE then enough.  You wouldn’t want to use this set up after every session.

Here’s a few example sets of “Reverse Strength”

Set Up 1 – The 5 Min AMRAP @ 80-90% of 1RM

Main session: Clean and Jerks worked up to 1RM of 315

Reverse Strength Finisher: 5 Min AMRAP of 75-85% of 1RM Clean and Jerk – 275

Set the clock up at 5 mins, slap on 75-85% of your 1Rm and go to town!

Set Up 2 – 30 Reps For Time @ 80% or higher of 1RM

Main Session: Back Squats worked up to heavy 2’s

Reverse Strength Finisher: 30 reps AFAP @ 80% 1Rm Front Squat – 275 (I did this one the other day and it sucked!)

This set up gets TOUGH.  Goal is to hit 30 reps as fast as possible.  Hit as many reps at a time as you can, but make sure your form stays in check.

I usually put a 10 min TIME CAP on this set up so when the clock hits 10 mins, you’re done no matter what.

Set Up 3 – Build Up To Your BEST 1RM In 5 Mins Immediately after Conditioning Session

Main Session: 1RM Snatches

Reverse Strength Finisher: Overhead Squat

For this, start out at a moderately heavy weight and hit single reps.

Just keep adding a little bit of weight as you go.

You got 5 mins to build up to your BEST effort.

My only rules for this set are that if you miss more then 3 times at a weight, you’re DONE.  There’s no backtracking and going down to lighter weights.

Main focus is to get STRONG before you use these types of “Reverse Strength” finishers.  If you don’t have a strong base first, these won’t do you much good.


Rule #1 – DON’T BE A DUMBASS 😉

I talk a lot about Going 110% H.A.M., but you still want to make sure you train SMART.

If you’ve not yet become fairly skilled with your main core movements (squats, overhead press, deadlifts, ect) then you’ll want to make sure you keep practicing those movements and building up your strength in those before you move ahead with this.

The is an ADVANCED set up of training that should ONLY be used by lifters and athletes who’ve built themselves up to the point at which they can handle heavier weights and still maintain good form and technique, even when a bit fatigued.

As I can’t stress enough, if your not yet up to that level, hold off on adding in these “strength finishers” to your routines for.

If you really want to test this set up out and you’re not sure if you’re ready, you could always try using a lighter amount of weight in your sets ups (65-75% 1RM).

Your main focus is to get STRONG BEFORE you use these types of “Reverse Strength” finishers.  If you don’t have a strong base first, these won’t do you much good rather they crush you into the ground.

So there you go, a different (and bit psychotic) way of training strength and finishing off your sessions.

This type of training will get your ready for ANYTHING as you never know when you might need to be strong…  Could be when you’re super fatigued or fresh…  Who knows!

I know I always look ahead to these, but when I’m putting myself through them, it’s NOT so much fun.  When you’re done, that’s when it’s FUN 😉

Either way, if you’re looking to add in a different twist that will help you build more strength, conditioning, and some major resilience, this is it.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve done any sort of “Reverse Strength” training within your own sessions.

Live and Train Aggressive!

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