This week’s Throwdown is a sandbag workout of sorts. 

I would say more of a race against the sandbag.

There’s two  parts…

Part 1 involves you hitting 3 sandbag power squat cleans every minute on the minute and then with the remaining amount of time you have left after the sandbag cleans, you’ll hit burpees until you hit 100 total reps.

You only get the remaining amount of time left in the min for the burpees.  Once that minute is up, you must go back and hit 3 sandbag squat cleans.


The second part will be similar only we’ll be switching up the first movement to a sandbag power clean and press and then with the remaining amount of time left in the minute, you’ll hit up double-unders with a jump rope.

***Note – if you suck at double-unders, practice!  Go ahead and feel free to hit up regular jump roping but, learn how to double jump.  It’s  easy and will only make you better overall***


These two sandbag combinations were the hardest form of a sandbag workout I’ve ever done! 

I’ve got a whole slew of tough and challenging workouts similar to these in my Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight Training Program but, these two were BRUTAL!

For the first part, I had to take a 2 min break towards the end as I will be honest and tell you this was one of the toughest workouts I’ve done for a while.  The bag gets extremely heavy towards the end which doesn’t help out much!

That’s the beauty of sandbag training!

After you start to fatigue, you start taking up more of the minute to get the squat cleans in which only allows you to get in a few burpees at a time.

It’s a challenge!

You must stay focused! 

The Bottom line is you must finish!  No matter what!

For the second part, it gets worse.  You take the same bag you were just squat cleaning and now you do a clean to overhead press.  By now, you’re legs should be feeling pretty damn good.

What helps here is if you’re good with double-jumps as you can get in a ton of reps in at a time.

But, after fatigue sets in, you’ll start to only get in a few reps at a time.

You’ve got to stick to it and just chip away!

It got to a point where I had to take the full minute to rest!  Simply Brutal!

I made sure to go back before I finished the second part and make up those 3 sandbag power clean and presses.  You never want to cheat yourself!

When it comes to a sandbag workout like these two, the main thing to focus on is being true to yourself.

Push your limits. 

Don’t let the workout take control of you and your thoughts.

This is where you can gain an edge on life.  One of the main reasons I train so hard and challenge myself is to not only gain strength physically but, mentally as well.

I know if you’re reading this now and you’ve followed my for a while, you can understand what I’m talking about.

There’s only a small breed of people that will challenge themselves to the point where they may fail.

Other’s take the easy road out and quit.

I hope you’re not one of these poeple….

So, for the Sandbag Throwdown Part I, I got just under 11 mins.

For the Sandbag Throwdown II, I got just under 8 mins.

Two very challenging sandbag workouts.

Now, if you’re sitting at home right now thinking, “I can’t do this!  I don’t have a sandbag…”  You’re wrong!

I’ve got the resource for you RIGHT HERE. ===> sandbag workout

I made this so you can make your own sandbag and see the benefits sandbag training has for better overall fitness and results.

You want more strength, power, athleticism???  Sandbag Workouts are the key!

If you don’t currently implement sandbag workouts into your program now, I would highly suggest you start!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong! 

PS – For a COMPLETE SYSTEM that shows you when and how to properly program sandbag training into your workouts, check out my Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight Training System!