As I was riding around in my “mobile library” the other day (AKA my Jeep),  I was introduced to a very unique and powerful concept called, “The Thanksgiving Journal”.

I was listening to an interview with Darren Hardy, a very successful business coach and author of SUCCESS Magazine, who was speaking about his past year of faults, mistakes, and tribulations.

He started to talk about this concept of “The Thanksgiving Journal” and how it made a dramatic impact on not only his success within multiple aspects of his life such as relationships, his businesses, and health, but the impact it had on his friends and clients lives as well.

This “Thanksgiving Journal” concept helped improve his relationships with friends, success and growth of his business’, and improvements within his overall fitness.

Bottom line,  it improved his LIFE.

Now, I want to get into what this “Thanksgiving Journal” (TGJ) is and how YOU can harness it’s power as well to help with your own life and obviously help increase your STRENGTH and CONDITIONING.

After all, the main focus of my blog is help turn YOU into a complete BEAST…

Watch this video…


Now, tell me about YOUR TGJ.

If you don’t currently have one, get one!

I CHALLENGE you to keep one for the next 90 days.

Just write down 3-5 positives every day in your TGJ geared to your training.  You can use it for whatever else you feel you need improvement on within your life.

Bottom line… focus on the POSITIVES

I would love to get your feedback on this, so drop a comment below and let me know!